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Up to 2000 included, TDF didn't have covers nor numbers, but one only summary, that was restructured each new issue.

The Space Renaissance Manifesto

A contribute for the Space Renaissance Manifesto - A. Autino

The Solar System: a living organism - A. Autino

Founding a New Renaissance - A. Autino

What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace - P. Collins & A. Autino

"Earth is not sick: she's pregnant!" - The presentation to the students of Economics, at La Sapienza, Rome - by A. Autino [Italian language]


a constitutional clause draft

by A. Autino & P. Q. Collins 

« The Fifth Season » the Space ‘Bingo’ Surprises: very profitable and not obvious Gifts of Space - A. Autino - IAC-05-E1.P.03 (paper presented at IAF 56th congress, Fukuoka 17/10 - 21/10 2005) 

« From Quality to Maturity » a needed change of Paradigm in the Space Systems Project Processes and Methodologies - A. Autino - IAC-05-D1.3.09 (paper presented at IAF 56th Congress, Fukuoka 17/10 - 21/10 2005) 

"Benefits of International Cooperation in a Low Equatorial Orbit SPS Pilot Plant Demonstrator Project" - Hideo Matsuoka & Patrick Collins, 2004

"Synergies Between Solar Power Supply from Space and Passenger Space Travel" - Patrick Collins, 2004

"Space Tourism: Recent Progress and Future Prospects" - P.Q. Collins, 2004

"Growing Popular Interest in Space Tourism: Challenge and Opportunity for Space Agencies" - P.Q. Collins (paper presented at IAF 54th Congress, Bremen 29/09 - 03/10 2003)

An essential "Project & Test Engineering Methodology" - A. Autino (paper presented at IAF 54th Congress, Bremen 29/09 - 03/10 2003)

"New Credit Tools and Tax Concepts for the Opening of the Space Frontier"- A. Autino (paper presented at IAF 51st Congress, Rio de Janeiro Oct 2-6 2000)

Space Tourism Market Demand and the Transportation Infrastructure - P.Q. Collins (Paper presented at the AIAA's Wright Brothers Centenary Symposium "The Next 100 Years, Dayton, Ohio July 2003; on SpaceFuture)

Will we 'keep Malthus in his grave' through the Space Program? - Marsha G. Freeman on the 45th IAF Congress, held in Jerusalem, 1994

For a discussion on Ethics

The Copernican Evidence  - Requirements for a Space Age Philosophy -  A. Autino (paper presented at the 53rd  IAF Congress- Houston october 2002)

Meeting the Needs of the New Millennium: Passenger Space Travel and World Economic Growth - P. Q. Collins (on www.Spacefuture.com)

"The Methodology of Questionnaires to develop a  World Wide Space Education Plan" A. Autino (paper presented at the 52nd  IAF Congress- Toulouse october 2001)

"Thin-Film Photoltaic Cells & Inflatable Structures" - Dr. Marco C. Bernasconi

Passenger Space Travel and World Economic Growth P. Q. Collins (on www.Spacefuture.com)

Freedom for science! 8x1000 to the scientific research! Press Release  Manifesto

The ASI "Futuristic Space Technologies" Workshop - Trieste 6/7 May 2002

Interplanetary SuperHighways, Momentum Exchangers and other marvels

Briefs from the ESTEC Inflatables Workshop 21/22 May 2002 

The coming of the Merchant Astronautics - A. Autino [Italian language]

Is Technology the Limiting Factor for Implementing the Space Option? - Dr. Marco C. Bernasconi

Shuttle forever?

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Development of the human civilization, economy, science, technology, politics, art, philosophy. What are the best conditions you can imagine? How can we reach there?

[Hypersonic Scramjet  NASA / Ship-Asteroid
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Decline of the human civilization, crash of the economy, crisis of resources, environmental catastrophes, tiranny, wars, terrorism, ethic decay... Which are the worst conditions you can imagine? How can we avoid such a future?

[Two dramatic images of the social conflict followed to the economic decay in Argentina]