This page is published in collaboration between Space Future and Technologies of the Frontier

This page is available, for students, to put online their questionnaires, or any other document they want to submit to the partners and readers of Technologies of the Frontier and Space Future. See more information about the use of this page

STUDENTS: read carefully the requirements for submitters, then send your works here.

ALL VISITORS: please read what students ask you for, and dedicate some minutes of your time to help their work!




What is requested


Date of completion


Information about the intent and use of this page

This page is an experiment, to provide a precious service to students, expecially the ones which are graduating in disciplines related to space economy, space science, space technologies and industry.  

Students can submit questionnaires to a place where they can easily be found, by a good number of people, mainly belonging to the international space community and space supporting organizations, but also people working in other sectors, sharing the vision of a solar system human civilization.

At the same time the page offers to people expert in space disciplines the possibility to help the youngs, providing their answers, suggestions and data, helping thus the students to understand the world wide state of the art about many interesting matters.

At another level, the page will be useful for all the users of our web sites, because the students, after completion of their investigation, will share the results online on these pages.

As soon as we will have materials, we will prepare another page, dedicated to publish the results of the student works. 

We are also assessing the possibility to implement another page, dedicated to students looking for stages in space industry/research, and for corporates and institutes offering stages to students. We appreciate your feedback, in order to understand if this could be a useful service.

Suggestions and requirements for submitters:

The following work types will be considered for publication by the TDF/SF Scientific Committee:


questionnaires, targeted to the graduation works


graduation works


questions targeted to investigate the "world-wide state of the art" about scientific problems and matters 


other papers that students might consider useful to submit to a large qualified opinion, to have comments and suggestions useful for their studies. 

In order to help the applicants to submit good eligible works, we are preparing a list of requirements, to check their works against, before submission. Until such a list will not be ready, please take care at least to the following:


check carefully your works before submission,


indicate exactly the expiration date of your investigation (we don't want people waste their time answering to expired questionnaires),


indicate a valid e-mail, where the replyers shall send the compiled files, 


indicate exactely what the repliers are requested to do, 


make your questionnaires in a form easy to be worked and re-transmitted via email, 


accept explicitely to share the result of the survey, at the end of the project, with TdF and SF for publication.

The publication of the submitted works is however an unquestionable decision of the joined SF/TDF Scientific Committee. A refused paper could be represented, after revision.

  (*) In order to download the file, rightclick on the hyperlink and choose 'save object with name'.

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