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Space Future and Technologies of the Frontier

Use this form to submit your graduation works for publication on the TDF/SF joint Students Page, to be submitted to the readers of both the magazines and subscribers of the mailing lists linked to both the magazines. The following work types will be considered for publication by the TDF/SF Scientific Committee:

  • questionnaires, targeted to the graduation works

  • graduation works

  • questions targeted to investigate the "world-wide state of the art" about scientific problems and matters 

  • other papers that students might consider useful to submit to a large qualified opinion, to have comments and suggestions useful for their studies 

In order to help the applicants to submit good eligible works, here's a list of requirements, to check their works against, before submitting them.

The publication of the submitted works is however an unquestionable decision of the joined SF/TDF Scientific Committee. A refused paper could be represented, after revision.

A general suggestion for submitters: make your questionnaires in a form easy to be worked and re-transmitted via email. 

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