After the Columbia disaster, what should we do now?

Please answer to the following key questions, as you like more: post a message to the forum, or write us an email (in both cases you can copy the questions and paste them into your text: it will be more comfortable for you to answer to each one, inserting the answer after the question). 

  1. Should the shuttles flights be continued or suspended? If suspended, for how much time?

  2. Do you think that this was a routine incident, or an "iceberg top", worth to start a wide strategic reflection?

  3. Where is the biggest responsibility of the tragedy? NASA policy? Government cut of funds? Public neglecting? Technologic weakness/delay? Computer problems? Mechanic problems? Test procedures? Human error? 

  4. Should the ISS program continue? If yes, should it be powered or decreased?

  5. Should a fully reusable and safer Earth-Orbit Transport be quickly developed (using one or more of the existing projects and prototypes)?

  6. Should the expansion of humanity into space continue or not?

  7. In case you answered yes to question 6, is such a task very urgent, or can we wait?

  8. If you had to choose, what is the priority: industrializing the geo-lunar space or a manned mission to Mars?

  9. The US expense for space is $15 BN/year, vs. $500 BN/year for military (SE = 2.8% * ME). What do you think of such a proportion?

  10. Is it more important the military leadership or the technologic leadership?

  11. Do you think that the development of a real space economy would be positive or negative for the Terrestrial globalized economy?

  12. In case you answered 'positive' to question 11, what should we do to make it understand to the whole society?

  13. Where is the biggest responsibility for the public disinformation and low space culture? Education? Journalists? Scientists? Agencies? Old technologies lobbysts? Politicians? What else?

  14. What is the heaviest delay, if we can speak about delay? Scientific? Technologic? Political? Ideological? Philosophyc? Ethical?

  15. How do you see the transition from Public Space to Commercial Astronautics? Which role, if any, for the Space Agencies?

If you want add questions, please write to us as well.