A collection of ideas for the continuation of the development of the human civilization. 



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1. ASTRONAUTICS - A great boost is needed for Astronautics and the Space Industry, this is the only strategy able to unhinge the philosophical conception of this closed world, within which we are held captive thanks to the current halt to development (euphemistically called "sustainable development").    VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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2. SOLAR ENERGY FROM SPACE - Development of solar energy collection by orbital settlements, in order to approach the only limitless and really clean energy source.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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3. HORIZONS OF DEVELOPMENT - Strategies targeted towards the opening of great structural development horizons. Not only telecommunication, a transient superstructure, as demonstrated by the recent and extended blunders of the globalized economy. This point addresses: reclamation and colonization of deserts, colonization of the sea, and colonization of the Moon, as a first step and exercise before the colonization of the Solar System. Innovative transport systems, able to integrate the individuals freedom of movement with the requirements of traffic rationalization.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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4. SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH - To compete for first place in scientific research. An 8 x 1000 tax to raise funds for research with grants for scientists who return to Italy. Also grants for young people that choose research as a vocation.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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5. TRANSFORMATION OF THE TAX SYSTEM - To transform the opaque and generic fiscal system, into a fully transparent system of thematic taxes and sponsorships, in which the citizen can directly address their contribution and control the results. The possibility of paying interest to tax payers, when activities they helped finance made a profit. During the transition period, tax discounts would be granted to those who have paid regularly over the years (by means of a system similar to the bonus/malus insurance).  VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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6. EDUCATION - To build a well planned education system, and finalized to great projects. Systematization (as an example) of 30 years of automation systems engineering, project leaders and project managers over 50 years of age would be called on to dedicate half of their time to education. To introduce Astronautics, Astronomy and Astrobiology into the programs of schools and universities of every order and degree, as instruction disciplines. Also the history of science, history of music and the history of the art would be introduced into the programme of all schools.  VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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7. HUMAN PATRIMONY - 6 billion intelligences are the greatest wealth humanity never had, if we are able to use it. To carry education and information to the pre-industrial areas of the planet in order to create new markets and in order to stimulate the increase of ideas and of cultural contributions. They are precious in order to win the challenge of continuing the development of humanity. 

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8. ENVIRONMENTAL ASSETS - To transform some currently untraded assets (water, territory, air) into commercial assets, even if indirectly, making them able to create jobs and wealth. In other words, to finance the necessary great works (management of the land, management of water resources, just to name two examples) by means of thematic sponsorships. e.g.: I buy mineral water, and part of the price goes to constitute the fund for the hydro-geological restructuring enterprise. The -- let's say -- social assets therefore will finally be produced, with enormous resumption of employment. This will not happen in the classic industrial way any more, but as a proliferation of micro-companies and individual enterprises: they are a factor and a symptom of social development, not of degradation, as the bureaucrats, both public and private, claim.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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9. FREE MARKET AND FREEDOM TO UNDERTAKE - To declare at least a ceasefire towards the micro-companies, the claimed feather in the cap of the Italian economy, in reality massacred by the tax-system and casualties of the market (still, no network exists to render this more transparent). To pull down market barriers, to render the market truly free. To help who is outside the market to get in, using the method of microcredit (Grameen Bank di M. Yunus) or similar methodologies.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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10. SOCIAL ANALYSIS - To modernize social analysis, to take note of the epochal passage from industrial age to electronic age and of the aftermath of social changes, firstly the extinction of the social classes that justified the ideological right-left paradigm.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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11. METHODOLOGY - To give a great boost to the use of analytical methods, largely absent from all our activities, both public and private. The state should be more coordinator than tax-collector. The state should take more care of what the citizens and the enterprises make (making a systematic analysis of skills) rather than how much, in order to systematically organize the marketing of functions and skills.    VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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12. TRANSPARENCY - Periodic publication of the basic state budget data and of public expense, basic social analysis data, aggregates, simplified and comprehensible to all, online on well known sites, well referenced by TV and by newspapers. Public commitments, orders, prices, work in progress of all public contracts, should be online and visible to all, as well.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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13. CURRICULUM AND HISTORY OF THE POLITICIANS - History and complete curricula of political personages online, on well known sites.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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14. ECONOMY GROWTH - In the context of the free market, civilization can culturally and civilly grow, only if competition is fair and not ferocious, and that this competition does not result in the elimination of the defeated parties. Such a scene is realizable only in a growing economy, where the concrete and continuous birth of new markets makes it economically profitable for all (above all for the existing economic powers) and for the continuous entrance of new actors into the market.   VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK 

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15. TO AIM HIGH - After too much restlessness between left and right (two ideological categories that made sense when society was rigidly split into classes), finally we should aim high. High because it is time to aim towards space, to open our world, because only in a growing economy will it come true, that dream of abundance that the old ideologies promised, and that was smashed against the wall of the so-called development limits.  VOK  OK  NULL NOK  VNOK

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Why the "Program that doesn't exist"?

Firstly because no political party, at the recent Italian elections, included these points in its program. Secondly, what follows is not a political program. TdF in fact is not and does not, want to become a political party. However, in this year of political elections, we want to state our opinion, and to explain why we do not feel ourselves represented by any of the existing parties. A political program is quite another thing: it is endowed with data, operating analyses, and also quantitative indications. Moreover a governmental political program would have to give goals and time schedules, to help with subsequent verification, and would have to contain points of innovative development, and not of mere conservation (or even destruction) of the status quo. What suddenly appears clearly is that, if the above short list covers the requirements, then none of the parties that participated in the May 13 elections had a program either, unless we want to consider as a program, the anathemas hurled against the adversaries in the talk shows. In times of compulsory bipolarism and compulsory balanced broadcasting, (par-condicio), people having innovative ideas have two choices: to keep them in their pocket or to communicate them to the few willing to hear. We opt for this second solution, unrealistic, maybe. But we find it important to testify -- in front of the grey and ideological invalidity of the current political scenario -- that (i) it is possible to think about the future, and (ii) if one has as a reference and a strategic goal for the continuation of the development of human civilization, the solutions do exist. 

The ideas listed below are not all realizable in a national context, but, inasmuch as the true problems are global, it doesn't make sense to keep on preparing only national policies, wearing anti-historical blinkers. Do some of these ideas have any chance to become points of a government executive program? It will depend only on how many people find them useful, and want to help develop them. 

Voting Method 

Please give us your vote, your opinion and, if you want, your availability, on each of the points we are proposing. The voting method is the following one: 

Your possible comments will be inserted in the public forum, in a thread entitled << The Program that doesn't exist >>. 

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A last clarification, as already said, the TdF Vector is not, and does not mean to become, a political party. To the people willing to join us, and to subscribe to our ideas and proposals we do not ask you to renounce other affiliations, ideological, philosophical, religious or political subscriptions. We also do not aim to take a position on all of the dilemmas existing in a electronic society: by joining our "movement" you will just subscribe to the ideas and the principles explicitly listed in this program and the philosophical theses exposed in the TdF site, according to the simple principle "You Subscribe To What You See ( YSTWYS)". On all that is not written we propose however to use our general criterion of judgment and choice: to choose the most ethical solution, i.e. on the side of humanity. We see humanity as a concrete ensemble of living and future humans, with their social values and civilization, and their fundamental individual rights and freedoms.



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