Great news from Spacedev!

By Jim Benson

Best Quarter ever

I am very pleased to announce that SpaceDev has recorded its  best quarter ever - an operating profit of $30,000 compared to a  loss of $3.0 million for the same period last year. We generated  $420,000 in cash from operating activities versus $473,000 cash  used in operating activities in the first nine months of 1999. Our  sales for the first nine months have been $3.1 million, another  record.  Our current stock price (SPDV) is about $1.00.

Please read the financial summary in our latest news release:

or check the financial details in our SEC filing using "spacedev" or  our trading symbol "spdv":


Hybrid rocket motor test firings

We have performed two preliminary test firings of our orbital  Maneuvering and Transfer Vehicle (MTV) hybrid rocket motor. For  the public and media we have scheduled a test firing of our small  MTV motor for 10:00 am PST next Wednesday, November 17. In  addition to introducing a completely new web site designed and  implemented by Bill McCoy, we have implemented a nifty web-cam  so you can watch the rocket motor test firing in real time. Next  Wednesday simply go to:



Internet domains acquisition

SpaceDev has acquired, Inc. its web site and three Internet domain names, ExploreSpace.TV,, and The detailed news release is at:   

Or visit directly.


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