Newsletter 1/2001

Celebration of the 40° anniversary of the first human space flight, made by Yuri Gagarin april 12th 1961.

Saturday 21 and sunday 22 april 2001, in Crescentino (VC), in the gymnasium of the Elementary School
, the philatelist of Crescentino organize a convention, to celebrate the above event 
Technologies of the Frontier will be there by its own stand, since saturday 21 h 17:00 to sunday 22 h 20:00. saturday 21/04 h 17:30 - at the TDF stand, we will receive partners, friends and curious people. A short introduction will be made by A. Autino on the subject "Status of the space frontier 40 years after the first human flight", followed by answers to questions and a discussion with the interested people.


Where is the free market?

With the end of the industrial age, of the social classes and of the great ideologies that were expression of such classes, the libertarian thought, in its different variants, acquired a much more important position [...] Some concepts (with great bewilderment of sclerotic people of any political latitude) left the safe ideological moorings, inhabited for more than a century, to sail to foreign lands. It is the case of the idea of free market ...>>>


invest in your company!         

During 2000 the Stock Exchange has been a continuation of ups and downs, only partially due to political events. [...] The Stock Exchange 2000 has been characterized by enormous flows of capital on the communications frontier, superstructural sector par excellence. The recent experience shows that the investments in superstructure can ensure good returns, getting carried away by enthusiasm, but also burn savings, with the blind indifference of a roulette. Would you dream to accuse a croupier because he pocketed your precious savings? No, because if you go to a casino, you know the risk.  ...>>>


The communicating vases 

The same phenomenon seems to occur, nowadays, in all the democratic countries of post- industrial world. In Italy, in France, in Germany, and now in the USA, tens and hundreds of millions people vote, and the difference must be weighed with a precision balance, for few hundreds votes. But we are not in front of significance of governing by alternating political parties, so in fashion since the end of past century.  ...>>>

Davos and the Memory

It's more than slightly ironic to forward a discussion that praises Switzerland as the only country where the sovereigns have  managed to maintain control of their "government" creature as of  today. About a third of the country in under de facto martial law,  with people are free to go everywhere they want -- provided it's the  "good" direction. ...>>>


Our interview with Prof. Tullio Regge

[...] L’alimentazione della Civiltà Solare sarà certo un problema ancora più complesso di quello che è stato l’alimentazione della civiltà terrestre. In nessun caso è più pensabile il quadretto idilliaco della mucca nel  pascolo verde con mulini bianchi sullo sfondo. Scorciatoie serie e soluzioni scientifiche al problema dell’alimentazione sono quindi altamente auspicabili. ...>>>

OGM, ethics and science 

by Prof. Tullio Regge

[...]Le multinazionali non sono delle S.Vincenzo ma neppure organizzazioni criminali, in breve hanno la stessa  gelida moralità delle banche. Occorrono regole senza le quali le banche scivolerebbero nell’usura più sordida ma, esattamente come le banche, sono assolutamente necessarie per lo sviluppo economico. ...>>>

World Wide Inquiry on the Mad Cow ...>>>





Editorial of the TdF Vector Council

It will not be the rational individualism, alone, to take us to the space

...>> The austronautical new-humanism is a need, for us, more than an alternative. It is like a bus, a large ark, or a vector, on which we invite to come on board all the ideologies; as, on the mythical Noè ark, went on board wolves and lambs, tigers and gazelles. Obviously we do not want to embark what already widely demonstrated its invalidity. Of the individualistic thought we will gladly embark the respect for the values and rights of individuals, the concept of the sovereign citizen, the valorization of the intelligence, the freedom of enterprise and of market, the high conception of science and technology, the rational thought ...>>

2001 is here: but where is the space?

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