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The Chairman Office of the Vector Technologies of the Frontier ( / ) communicates the following:

The Vector TDF, targeted to the construction of a new-humanist philosophical platform, joins to the Manifesto of prof. Dulbecco and prof. Regge, also signed by over 1000 Scientists and University Teachers.

2)  The Vector TDF expresses full solidarity and support to the public manifestation of 13/02 in Rome, called by the same promoters of the already mentioned Manifesto.

3)  The Vector TdF adopts the Dulbecco-Regge appeal, and publics it whole on TDF number 1/2001, going to be issued in these days.

4) In open contest with the positions of Minister Pecoraro Scanio and of the green-ecologist movement, we maintain that all the problems plaguing the post-industrial societies, and, in more general terns, the human species at the beginning of the third millenium (e.g. the phenomenon of the BSE, the previous problems of the dioxin-milk, all the environmental and climate problems, the food and resources problems) are not due to excesses of the scientific research, but to the criminal under-estimate of the enormous need of scientific search, in a planet where  human inhabitants are over six billions.

5)  Of such under-estimate they are firstly responsible those people who push illusions in simplistic and impossible _back_to_nature_solutions, extremely improbable, unless genocide “solutions”, however masked, were adopted.

6) We consider responsible, as well, those people who speculate, at various title and interest, on the lacks of the scientific research, in order to hastily adopt not tested, or hastily and without the necessary scientific rigor tested, production processes, in order to get easy profits on the skin of the citizens and consumers.

7)  Whichever illusion or antiscientific superstition or, worse, liberticide laws as the one we are contesting, even if carried on in the name of a supposed ethics, are not innocuous nor ethics, but they are instead dangerous forerunners of authoritarian and regressive solutions.

8)  We maintain, moreover, in open contest with who sees the current human patrimony like an "unsustainable weight for nature", that such patrimony is the greatest wealth that humanity never had, and that without such patrimony we could never hope to exceed the natural limits of our native world.

9) Humanity, the only sentient species in the known cosmos, only can be confident in its own intelligence, and therefore in science, in order to exceed the limits of its cradle-planet and to approach a larger context, where to retake its development and its own quantitative and qualitative, cultural and civil growth.

10)  TdF launches a great political objective (already proposed by TdF in 1999 in a program of points for the opening of the space frontier), and retaken in a recent editorial also from Vincenzo Bellone, director of Le Scienze (Italian edition of Scientific American):

Let the Tax Payers to target the 8x1000 of their tax contributions to a Fund for the Scientific and Technological Research, to be founded.

We are available to contribute to the organization of a campaign in support of such objective, with to all those people aimed to share it.

Aim High!

-- Adriano Autino
President - Technologies of the Frontier
-- Adriano Autino
President General Manager - ANDROMEDA s.r.l.
Real Time Systems, Tools and Methodologies for Aerospace Industry and Research

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