In this letter: 

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends and Co-planetaries,

First of all let me wish you all the best for the New Year!

Possibly, even seasonal wishes may seem out of tune in the current situation, with the raising tide of tyrannies, terrorism, wars and the further spread of a closed-world ideology that aims at controlling and constraining people and human developments more and more narrowly.

The development of the space activities, as the other economy sectors, is heavily impacted by such a climate, and the fact that the telecommunication is still the only commercial space, makes the situation particularly critic. 

On another level, our wishes influence our thoughts and thoughts determine human actions. So, if we spend our time just being afraid of "where we will end", we become witless accomplices of the tyrants and the regression forces.

If we instead aim our thoughts in constructive directions, we will then contribute to build up positive and empowering elements.

We know that human civilization can continue only by accessing extraterrestrial resources, beginning with energy. Even without new technological breakthroughs, an economy that unfolds in the space arena can bloom for centuries. Enabling such an economy is what defines the tasks of the present day, not those of a remote future! Thus we need to start working seriously in that direction, to identify immediate, feasible small steps and define potentially profitable products. To these ends, we have to apply existing or near-horizon technologies to sensible goals, instead of waiting for faraway, undeveloped and untested technologies!

For sure, it is imperative to run remunerated and profitable activities. 

But, as we, many other colleagues need to work, and this is relevant and, to a certain extent, also reassuring. In fact it is the work that creates new wealth, new work opportunities for poor individuals to become well-being, new markets to be born, so allowing the economy (the global pie) to grow up. Only a continuous growth of the economy can make the conflicts less hard, so we can say that the technologic and scientific know-how are the true richness, and the only cultural tool, for humanity, to get peace and freedom.

The money - especially as it is nowadays conceived and used by governments and speculators -- is just a book-keeping tool, extremely volatile. If entrepreneurs think to be conservative and prudent not investing their money now, waiting for "better times", they will loose their money, and possibly will never have better times. If many courageous people will invest their money, time and resources in technologic development, we will then see the economy indicators point again at the top. Wealth and money will then increase again; war, and liberticidal involutions will then give up the way to the civil, free and peaceful development.



In the immediate future we intend to cover three main activities:

  • development of technologies for Astronautics,

  • development of safe and available software systems for infrastructures,

  • discussion & dissemination work on the potentials of Astronautics (what K. A. Ehricke called the extraterrestrial imperative), and first attempts to define some new concepts for a space age philosophy.

As far as the technologies for Astronautics are concerned, the chemically rigidized expandable structures type of the gossamer elements will take most of our time in the near term: here we have more than 20 years of know-how with an experience that remains largely unique, in Europe.

As to the software, we seek customers and partners in the position to appreciate and turn into account our methodological approach, based on relational tools for project and test engineering, that allows us to work according to quality standards and with high efficiency.

As for the education, we conceived several seminar products, on the topics of the space economy, of the philosophy and ethics of the space age (please see on Please see also the paper 'The Copernican Evidence - Requirements for a Space Age Philosophy', sended at the 53rd IAF Congress of Houston (session 'Beyond Education'). Together with some friends and colleagues, we are bearer of a fully new methodological approach: we aim to priority address entrepreneurs out of the space community, proposing them to invest in space activities able to bring a return in reasonable times.

For the information, and for the philosophic discussion, we intend to keep using Technologies of the Frontier, but in a less "journalistic" way. The big services realized in 2001 (es. "Shuttle Forever") ended to be too expensive in term of time, even if, personally, I think that this was the comparative journalism that we would need, and I would like very much to have a chance to deepen such a method, that was also prized by the readers. In fact, after the issue of those services, and in occasion of the correspondences for the IAF congresses, the daily accesses to TdF reached some hundreds. 

But, in 2002, we had to dedicate the whole time to the professional activities, and the same we shall do in the near future. We will issue articles and correspondences on TdF (I take this chance to remember that the public forum is open to everybody), but without any predefined frequency. As to the frequency of the newsletter, in 2002 it was very low: just two times. Even doing our best, I don't think we will write you more than three or four times in 2003.

As you may have noticed, TDF didn't yet publish any correspondence from the 53rd IAF Congress of Houston. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I want to clarify that we didn't aim to ignore the event, that is of great importance for us, as always. Due to work engagements I was not able to attend the Congress, and up to now I didn't receive any correspondence: if some participant likes kindly to send me a note, I will be happy to put it online. The topics we are more interested to should be known, nowadays: how did the Congress deal with the themes of Astronautics, reusable launchers, space tourism, solar power from space, ethics and philosophy. 



To open the new deal, TdF runs now, end of 2002, a great initiative of futuristic vision: a new forum, where all the friends are asked to push their sight at a 30 years horizon, and put online their best and worst foreseen. 

Are you optimist? Think about Christmas 2032: development of the human civilization, economy, science, technology, politics, art, philosophy. What are the best conditions you can imagine? How can we reach there?

Are you pessimist? Think about Christmas 2032: decline of the human civilization, crash of the economy, crisis of resources, environmental catastrophes, tiranny, wars, terrorism, ethic decay... Which are the worst conditions you can imagine? How can we avoid such a future?

Do you have fears and hopes in equal measure? Write your thoughts in both the forums: THE BEST FUTURE and THE WORST FUTURE

See yourself at 

Finally, since to keep TdF alive, though in a less journalistic set-up, is anyway an engagement and a cost for us, we would like to have at least a... moral return, i.e. a feedback about its use and about your real interest. We kindly ask you then to signal expressly your intention to keep on receiving our newsletter and corresponding with us, by confirming or indicating a valid address: an email with the words 'TDF 2003 CONFIRM' in the subject will be enough. 

If you would like to send us contextually your comments, we would be glad to take them into account for the future activities. In this case, please also state clearly if you like/allow us to put online your letter. 

Once again many sincer wishes, and...

Aim high!

Adriano Autino


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