The discussion after the Columbia disaster


Columbia: NASA under process? A. Autino 27-08-03

Re: Columbia: NASA under process?  - "Space Agencies Trapped in History"

Patrick Q. Collins 01-10-03

Re: Columbia: NASA under process? - "Maybe this process will force agencies to their natural beat: the frontier"

Stephen Ashford 28-08-03

Re: Columbia: NASA under process? - "China is challenging the US primacy, and X-PRIZE is coming to its end". 

Michael Martin-Smith 28-08-03

RE: Columbia: NASA under process? - "Spaceflight is dangerous, but this looks a big mistake in the systems at NASA".

Ben Croxford 27-08-03
Moving Forward: NASA must be destroyed! Jim Davidson 14-02-03
What Space Strategy should UK Follow? Andy Nimmo 13-02-03
Access to Space: the Evolution of an Idea and Technology Larry Kellogg 12-02-03
To support Space Exploration see below Michael Martin-Smith 12-02-03
STS-107 "Columbia" Loss FAQ Mark Reiff 11-02-03
Shuttle - continua Luisa Spairani 10-02-03
To contract several private companies to supply/support the ISS (replying to questions) Michael Martin-Smith 09-02-03
An appeal to NASA Sam Coniglio 08-02-03
After the Columbia disaster A. Autino 07-02-03
50 shuttles and several space stations made by privates A. Autino 07-02-03
     RE: Shuttle is too complex to be converted in a commercial viable 


Peter Wainwright 11-02-03
The National Space Society (USA) on the Columbia disaster Brian Chase 07-02-03
To continue the mission of the fallen Astronauts! A. Autino 07-02-03
     RE: We must learn from this tragedy Michael Martin-Smith 03-02-03
     RE: Columbia was not the oldest shuttle Philippe Jung 03-02-03
     RE: What if Saddam Hussein is a monster? Ben Croxford 03-02-03
            RE: What if Saddam Hussein is a monster? A. Autino 03-02-03
     RE: To continue the mission of the fallen Astronauts Andy Nimmo 07-02-03
Columbia Condolence Book Mark Reiff 07-02-03
A petition to continue the human space flight Andy Nimmo 07-02-03
Where Should Space Exploration Go From Here? Mark Reiff 06-02-03
Researchers assess status of STS-107 scientific data Larry Kellogg 06-02-03
Slow Down the Space Race? No Way! Inat Hajduk 06-02-03
Che fare? Aumentare l'impegno spaziale! Andrea Alfonsi 04-02-03
Messages from JSC and USA Management Mark Reiff 03-02-03
Continuare la missione degli astronauti caduti! A. Autino 03-02-03
    RE: Continuare la missione degli astronauti caduti... Claudio Bruno 03-02-03
The Mars Society Mourns the Columbia Crew Robert Zubrin 03-02-03
What should we do now? Don Wesby 03-02-03
Space Shuttle Columbia, volo STS-107 Andrea Canto 02-02-03

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The Columbia Accident Investigation Board's final report Larry Kellogg 28-08-03
NASA ignored dangers to shuttle, panel says William Glanz - The Washington Times 27-08-03
Columbia Report Faults NASA Culture, Government Oversight Brian Berger - Space News Writer 26-08-03
NASA's defense role could expand

Patty Reinert - Houston Chronicle

NASA Engineer E-Mails Warned of Columbia Damage ABC News - Reuters 21-02-03
Manned space mission on course ZHAO HUANXIN (China Daily) 14-02-03
Shuttle wing melted says NASA


Space shuttle suffered 'devastating breach' Associated Press ( 13-02-03
No end to our expanding universe as Armageddon is cancelled David Derbyshire ( 12-02-03
Men on space station try to move away from tragedy The Associated Press ( 11-02-03
NASA's future: cutbacks or trips to Mars? The Christian Science Monitor 10-02-03

Object separated from Columbia in space 09-02-03
Space plane, new launch vehicle years away Eric Berger (Houston Chronicle Science Writer) 09-02-03
NASA official says space 'worth risk of life' Associated Press ( 09-02-03
Despite a Decades-Long Quest, a Safe Shuttle Remains Elusive David Barstow and Michael Moss The New York Times 08-02-03
Is Space Shuttle Model Outdated? David Clements Voice Of America News 07-02-03
On hold at the high frontier Janet Rae-Dupree ( 07-02-03