Middle-East: crimes, wounds and therapy 

by Adriano Autino

The principal faults made by some Israelis people: 

  1. they took the land of the Palestinians; 
  2. they progressively invaded other Palestinian territories, systematically destroyed the Palestinian's houses and built their own ones on the rubbles;
  3. they took the sources of water denying then the water to the Palestinians;
  4. they never helped in any way the economic and technological development of the Palestinians;
  5. they have always answered only by military strength to the claims of the Palestinians; 
  6. they stained themselves of horrendous massacres of children, women, olds (Sabra and Shatila, and today Jenin and innumerable others);
  7. they have murdered Isaac Rabin in 1995;
  8. they never respected the U.N. resolutions, that summoned them to leave the occupied territories and to respect the peace agreements;
  9. cowardice: despite the whole Arabic world does not to recognize the state of Israel, Israel continues to always oppress only the Palestinians, that have the adversity to live there, under the Israeli's power. 
The principal faults made by some Palestinians people:
  1. they have chosen criminal and unacceptable forms of struggle (missile against school-buses, kamikaze-bomb against civils);
  2. they have educated and instigated their young people to the "martyrdom", abdicating thus to create a new managing, adult, able and responsible ruling class;
  3. they have perpetuated the unique power of Arafat, instead of favoring the democratic development;
  4. they never really called the Arabs to their responsibilities;
  5. they never tried, with good wish and humility, to learn the science and the technology of the Israelis, also having them to brought of hand;
  6. they have never tried political provocations able to really shake in positive the U.N. and the world (for instance to ask any zone of the world in which to go and live/develop in peace, away from the hate and from the permanent feuds, asking for aid to develop there their own economy);
  7. they didn't accepts the Barak's steps of Wye Plantation, provoking therefore an nth and dramatic new stiffening of the positions.
The principal faults made by some Arabian Countries governing people: 
  1. they always defended the Palestinians only by words; 
  2. they repeatedly moved war to Israel (Egypt and Syria), rather than to look for pacific solutions, in the interest of the development of the zone;
  3. they have, in the facts, abandoned the Palestinians to their destiny;
  4. they never recognized the legitimacy of the Israel state, and they left the situation become affected with gangrene, never undertaking really for a solution;
  5. cowardice: although all the Arabic Countries do not recognize the state of Israel, they have however left alone the Palestinians to face the anger of Israel.
The principal faults made by some USA governing people: 
  1. they have always been very indulgent with the ally Israel, also when it doesn't respect the resolutions of U.N.; 
  2. they keep on economically feeding the Israeli war machine, even when this is used against the resolutions of the U.N., and in open violation of the most elementary human rights;
  3. they limit themselves to exhortations towards Israel, rather than to show muscles, as they don't hesitate to do in other situations;
  4. they consider Israel as a watch dog of the USA affairs in the middle-oriental region.
The principal faults made by some European governing people: 
  1. they are weak and divided; 
  2. they keep on selling weapons to all the contenders;
  3. they are, by facts, subordinates to USA;
  4. they never taken seriously the initiative to bring Israel in the European Union, thing that would make Israelis feel less isolated and therefore more oriented to peace;
  5. they keep on entertaining relationships with Israel, and do not interrupt the business relationships and associations, even when Israel stains itself of horrendous crimes against innocent civils;
  6. they never focused the enormous difference among the opened forms of struggle and the terrorism against civil innocent.
What to do (not necessarily in the order):
  1. to help all the parts (Israeli, Palestinians, Arabs, Europeans, Americans) to recognize their guilts and the suffered blames;
  2. to identify the certain criminals (Sharon, exponents of Hamas, etc...) and to bring them in trial for the committed and/or commanded crimes;
  3. to recognize that none of the "solutions" until here proposed has possibilities to work (the separation in two states no, because the two economies have woven by now, separating the weakest would die; the forced cohabitation even; the leaving of one of the contenders even, because they all care to their sacred places);
  4. to design a plan of economic development for the region, to create funds of micro-credit, to found schools and university in which Israeli, Palestinians, European, American, Arabs, teachers work together to attain common goals of formation and development;
  5. to send peace troops, with the primary assignment to protect the human innocents that aim to live and work in peace, and to isolate and to put in conditions not to harm the criminals;
  6. to propose to Israel to enter the European Union;
  7. to help Israel to be a pole of technological and scientific development in the region (Israel, for instance, owns excellent research institutes, on the deserts reclamation techniques: why not to try to resolve, for the benefit of all, the water conflict, rather than to angerously defend the captured wells and to make the others die of thirst?).

[008.AA.TDF.1/2002 - 21.04.2002]