Word Space Program: a very important opportunity of discussion

After the conclusion of the 48th IAF Congress it is begun a discussion, that we extimate very important, among thre european groups, sharing common Neo-Humanist feelings and political-philosophical positions in favour of the Space Option. The Organizations are, besides Technologies of Frontier (that during this while decided to define it-self "Magazine", because this definition is more corresponding to its actual status): the Space Age Associates (UK) and the OURS Foundation (Switzerland).

The discussion, very close, is by now targeted to produce togheter a document to be submitted to the working team that, in Paris, is preparing the document "World Space Program". As we say in the article on the IAF Congress, the "World Space Program" is a very ambitious proposal, that some researchers of ESA and some other space agencies, plus some french political personalities, are working to, and that will try to provide a stimulus for a worldwide programmation of the human space activities from nowaday to 2100.

SAA, OURS and TF are agree in taking this event an historical opportunity of very great value, able to open a discussion of enormous philosophical and cultural importance. At the starting line we can to rely on a substantial agree, already stated, on the definition of "Neo-Humanist" for the borning cultural current. Several other basic principles are already been compared and agreed, first of all the need that the human species has, in order to continue its development as a sentient species (and not as a mere animal), to achieve as soon as possible a new vision of the world, very larger than the actual one.

It seems to be probable that, if the thre organizations will be able to create a joined platform (the time is very few, thus we need to work very quickly), this will be a basis more than enough to build the initial nucleus of an (at least) european federation of neo-humanist organizations, which strongly trust in the need to bring the human development over the limits of our actual world!

As soon as possible we will start issuing the first materials resulting from the discussion.

Anyone interested to take part to the discussion is invited to write us!

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