Virtual Reality vs Greater Earth

Mass-Media periodically exalt the cyberspace concept and the available opportunities for new experiences: people comfortably are set down at home and travel everywhere in a virtual world following navigation paths that are totally customizable according to their own interest. All this happens at an hyper-real speed that is able to disguise and solicits our senses in a completely new way. The cyberspace not only seems more interesting than real experiences but is now an integral part of children world and also Television, with its programs that show exotic countries giving us the illusion of knowledge, cancels the physicality of the contact that rather can be felt with a real travel experience.

This phenomenon has a strong cultural impact so that I am not able to image its developments.

It requires to go further our current perception of reality and, at the same time, move the focus from the concept of a minor cost in moving bits rather than atoms ( Negroponte- Media Lab – M.I.T.) to the concept that does not forget our materiality and consequently the advantages to operate where the weight is less than on the Earth and consequently the required energy for every intervention .

Once my science teacher, who keeps a positive vision about natural selection, extendable also to science/arts/philosophy theories , sustained that valid discoveries/researches will emerge in any way and a selection happens, so only the right theories will survive. Personally I am not so sure, rather I believe that it worth to force some kind of promotion of a discovery/research because also what is meaningful can be canceled in absence of the right context.

Consequently, the question is : if mass-media stress overall on psycho/socio-economic perspectives that virtual reality can open, how to find the necessary commitment to a planetary policy that eases activities in the space? Maybe it is the case to start a discussion non only on how to spread information but overall on how to create awareness of space world and consequent "affabulatio".

By Luisa Spairani

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