A glance over Ocean

by Adriano Autino

Each time I take a look in USA I realize that in Italy we are at the extreme periphery of the Empire. I donít like the commonplaces, and it is to be discussed how much it can be considered sulturally advanced a Country that keep the death penalty in many States, and basis its foreign policy mainly on the military power. Anyway I owe to observe that:

  1. Our political discussion, in Italy, is at a such low level that, from here, it is only possible to go up again (please see also the article "The Electronic Society looking for new political references")

  2. We are finally reached by the long wave of the internet revolution, that in th USA is active since years (please see also the article "The internet, the poet and the astronaut").

  3. We are completely unaware (by media, and as public opinion) of the space revolution, that was begun in USA, and see many private companies to work and develop in such a market.

It make exception, in Europe, the UK, where different pro-space organizations are working to create a visible political pole.

A report from the National Space Society informs us about the approach of the USA president candidates to the Space thems. The emerging picture testifies that the whole American society is anyway aware of the space frontier, they discuss about it and they consider it a very actual political theme. It seems to be on another planet.

But letís have a look to the NSS page, for a detailed view of the space policy of each candidate.

AA - TDF 2/2000 - 30/04/2000

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