Are the lumps of ice falling from the sky produced by a meteoritic impact?

by A. Autino

Spain before, and then, longer than a week, Italy, is bombed by lumps of ice of various sizes falling from the sky.

The scientists until now consulted by mass media, have put forward the most fanciful hypotheses. The most in vogue seem to be that of lumps of ice coming off the aircraft-wings, or releases of another type, ever by craft-means. These hypotheses leave me more than perplexed: a similar number of daily flies there were also before, but never lumps of ice have fallen! Somebody has supposed to be comet-ice. Also this explanation appears rather quaint, in fact some lumps contain leaves and soil, others contain sodium: it is difficult that in comets, although carrying organic material, can be trees, grass and soil! Besides, to be not disintegrated by the impact with atmosphere, and to reach terrestrial ground, the lumps of ice would be quite bigger.

By my side, I had thought that some tornado, a whirlwind, could have raised seawater and soil to great heights. Let’s think also to the awful windstorms fell to the ground in France in December 1999. The exceptional closeness of the Moon in this period - in December at 350.000 Km from Earth instead of the usual 400.000 - perhaps can cause exceptional state of the atmosphere? If the gravitational Lunar field has so much importance on tides and others physical phenomena on our Planet, we could think that a greater closeness (12,5% more) can cause unusual state of the atmosphere.

But the Italian TV has given a piece of news, two or three days ago. The news has been given only once and never given again: a meteorite of enormous dimension fallen, January 25th in Canada, in Yukon, to be precise.

Seeing previous cases, that thing could be likely. In December 1998 there was a giant impact, likely meteoritic, and mass media gave only incomplete and confused pieces of news of it, moreover only after our press release.

It would be the second time, in two years, that big heavenly bodies strike our Planet, approximately in the same place. If we have a look at the specialized sites, impacts, fireballs and others quaint heavenly phenomena seem to be rather frequent.

As many frequent, or perhaps I have to say chronic, is the reticence of mass media in giving this type of news. While they catch any kind of toll stories in order to be news, they carefully keep us in the darkness about the real dangerous events.

Now, more precise news, also collected by the help of our contributor Daniel Christlein (astronomer scientist currently working at Steward Observatory, The University of Arizona), tell us that the Yukon meteorite exploded before touching the ground, and the power of the explosion corresponds to "two or three kilotons of TNT", ad reported by the site "Yukon Meteor Blast - A thunderous meteor streaked over the Yukon last week. Now a NASA airplane has flown through the debris cloud in search of extraterrestrial particles."

Other, as to the ice, speak about "mass of water condensed in high layers of our
atmosphere", and even about frauds. Nevertheless, considering the salt, the grasses and the soil, and the fact that such events are contemporary in different Countries, I found rather difficult to think about to atmospheric water or frauds.

Whether the Yukon meteorite has something to do with the ice from sky or not, I find very irritating that such news were not promptly given by the mass-media, and, instead, they are hidden to the public opinion. Technologies of the Frontier, by its side, made and will make all what is in its power to diffuse such news.

But a praise to UK Government: until now the only one that takes the risk of meteoritic and asteroids impacts into account (let’s see our articles " "The space shift of the UK Government", and "New Year Message from Spaceguard UK" online on TDF 1/2000).

[English translation by Diana Baroni]

TDF 1/2000-02

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