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Sergio Ferrari


"I have a real passion for computers and Informatics. With the coming of the internet the computer became also, and ever more, a tool to develop the human relationships and the communication among the people. And this leads me to love even more my job."


Sergio, maybe thanks to his emilian character, owns the enviable capability to transmit heat and simpaty since the forst contact. This characteristic is united to his great availability and professional skill. A partner with whom it is very pleasant to work.


  • born the 31 january 1966 in Crescentino (VC) (Sign of the zodiac: Acquarius),

  • Sergio Ferrari owns a diploma of non-graduated Engineer in Industrial Elettronics,

  • and attended to a training course for IBM/cobol programmers.


  • After studies oriented to Electronics, the passion for computers started by the purchase of a "mithic" Commodore 64 and, afterwards, a Commodore Amiga.

  • Nowaday SF fills the role of technical responsible for the PC/Hardware sector of the Company where he is partner (P.Lion)

  • and, since some time, he manages the Internet network that the Company created, actually including 7 POs.

  • The collaboration with TdF engages SF in the hard task to "materialize" the thoughts and the ideas of the editorial staff, as a webmaster, realizing the web pages of the TdF site (

Luisa Spairani


"I wished to work in a Physics lab but I favoured my family project and I became an Information technology engineer. I try to maintain a good level of scientific knowledge even if it is far from mathematical aspects. I am fascinated on space topic and I observe the developments and progress but, above all, I like to make hypotheses on cultural changes that will happen after new discoveries."

We add that:

Luisa has a lot of cultural and scientific curiosity combined with a good deal of personal availability.


  • Luisa Spairani was born in Stradella (PV) the 21.9.58;

  • she achieved her bachelor at the Pavia University in the Theoretical Physic Department;

  • her specialisation has been Quantum Relativistic Mechanic;

  • her vote was 110/100 cum laude.

  • She speaks and writes fluently in English and French. She is married and mother of two children.


  • Architecture and development of software projects for Enterprise Systems and Networks. More generally a broad expertise in Information Technology, developed in 15 years at Olivetti’s, as Project Manager then Product Planner and Marketing Manager. Technical training experience.

  • Client/Server Solutions based on distributed systems, UNIX and Window NT Server. Logical security and System Management. Specifically latest experience is focused on Internet Intranet/Extranet solutions.

  • Aptitude in organisation and management of inter-functional teams with the objective to point at technical/marketing solutions up front to specific company requirements


  • 82/96 – Employed in Olivetti s.p.a. Operating Systems software development (MOS, UNIX, NT), Member of standardisation committees (ISO, X/OPEEN) for internationalisation, for security and for graphics. Marketing manager for Operating Systems (UNIX, Windows NT). Client/Server solutions architect, Internet/Server integrator.

  • 96/97 - Employed in O.P. Computers s.p.a. Manager of Software for professional products offering. Experience in conferences and seminars on Internet/Intranet, Manageability. Technical articles publications.

  • October ’97, to date. Co-founder of Net Surfing s.a.s, Internet Service Provider in Ivrea. Consultant for distributed solutions. Current activity: Porting in Lotus Notes environment of an American solution for companies compliant to ISO9000 standards.


  • Organiser and teacher of seminars and classes on behalf of the "Istituto Ghiglieno" – Salerano (TO):

    • Emerging graphical Interfaces

    • The UNIX systems Security

    • Distributed Computing Environment

    • MS Windows NT

  • Co-ordinator and lecturer of seminars on behalf of SYSTECH - Milano:

    • Characteristics of MS Windows NT: advantages and disadvantages

    • Network Operating System: compared solutions

  • In 1997: teacher in a class for Webmaster organised by MORGAN ASHLEY – Milano

  • In 1998: teacher in classes on Internet and on Lotus Notes.


Adelia Bertetto


"My main motivation remains the wish to learn, and to widen my vision of the world."


Adelia is a very strong and determined lady. She went to Melbourne's IAF Congress alone, just for her big love toward Humanity and Space. We meat there, in Melbourne, and suddendly I felt to be at home, and not only because we were a couple of Italians on the other side of the world. 


Adelia was born in 1946, in a village of Alps. In 1968 she got the degree at the University of Pisa (Scuola Normale Superiore). 1970-74 Research Assistant at the Albert Ludwig Universität, Freiburg im Br., Germany. Since 1975 she leaves in Bruxelles.


European Commission officer.

Marco Bernasconi


"I am not a scientist, though I like science and love to loose myself in useless studies. I'm a real astronaut (vs. people which really flew, but are only circumstantial astronauts), a general technologist and a futurologist".


He is surely also a poet and an astronautical humanist philosopher. He's character is edged, and surely he doesn't like to disguise his own opinions just to agree with everybody, but he is golden-heart gruff.

2005 - Since some time, the vicissitudes of life brought Marco to no more actively collaborate with Technologies of the Frontier. However, he was one of the four founder partners of the TDF Vector, in 2000 January, and quite in Bellinzona, in his Switzerland. These pages include many of his works, and TDF keeps many of his methodologic setup and of his scientific rigor. We are grateful for such values and teachings we had by him and – as his pupils, though inconstant and undisciplined – we strive to keep on applying them.


Dr. Sc. Techn. ETH & Dipl. Masch. Ing. ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich, 1979 nad 1974


  • Principal Engineer, mechanical systems studies; Oerlikon-Contraves, Space Division; 1989 to date.

  • Senior scientist, ISRS technology; Contraves, Space Department; 19 87-88.

  • Consultant, Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite (OURS) Project; 1986-89.

  • System engineer and study leader, inflatable, space-rigidized structures (ISRS) technology development; Contraves, Space Department; 1982-86.

  • Project engineer, Large space structures study; Contraves AG, Space Department; 1978-82.

  • Vice-President, The OURS Foundation; 1990 to 1998.

  • Scientific Director, Technologies of the Frontier; april 1998 to date.

  • Dr. Bernasconi received a Dr. Sc. Techn. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) at Zurich in 1978 and joined Contraves as a project engineer for an ESA-sponsored study on advanced, large space structures. This work was at the origin of that Company's effort on chemically-rigidized inflatable space structures, a technological development that he led for the following seven years. At the time, this work brought the Contraves Space Division to international recognition in the field of large space structures.

  • In 1987, Dr. Bernasconi was promoted into lower management, while continuing to work on the inflatable structures, and in 1988 he was nominated principal engineer (Oberingenieur) of the Contraves' Space Division R&D Department, in charge of system studies. He has been involved in an numerous studies and several projects, including among others the QUASAT radiotelescope studies, the FIRST telescope program, the ARTEMIS communications spacecraft, the Huygens Saturn probe, and the Automated Biolab facility for the space station. He has conducted and led in house studies on the use of current-technology solar sails, and has contributed to other European activities in this area, in particular to the IAA Aurora project and the Daedalus study by ESA. Currently, he is in charge of the Contraves contribution for the development of a small planetary rover (MIDD), and of studies of inflatable structures as applied to small spacecraft.

  • In 1986, Dr. Bernasconi became a consultant for the OURS (Orbiting Unification Ring Satellite) Project; he has served as Vice-President of its Board from March 1990 until July 1998.

  • In addition to his professional duties, Dr. Bernasconi has been delegated to several commissions - both Swiss and European - to support long-term planning activities.

  • He manages to speak four languages (Italian, English, French, German) and has published or co-authored more than fifty papers, mostly on large space structures and on the relation of Astronautics to society.


  • Member, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA).

  • Fellow, British Interplanetary Society (BIS).

  • Professional Member, World Futures Society.

  • Senior Member, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics.

  • Member, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) & its Society for the Societal Implications of Technology.

  • Member, International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Space Sciences Committee's Working Group on Small Satellites, and contributor to the resulting Cosmic Planning Study on Inexpensive Scientific Satellite Missions, 1989-1990.

  • Lecturer, International Space University, 1989.

  • Chairman, Session on Technology Status - Systems, "SPS 91 - Power from Space - Second International Symposium", Gif-sur-Yvette (France), 27-30 August 1991.

  • Member, IAA Committee on Space Activities and Society, 1993-.

  • Chairman, Working Group on a Comprehensive Rationale for Astronautics (CORASPA) under the IAA Committee on Space Activities and Society, 1993- Co-chairman, Session on a Comprehensive Rationale for Astronautics of the IAA Symposium on Space Activities & Society, XLV International Astronautical Congress, Jerusalem (Israel), October 1994.

  • Invited participant, International Lunar Workshop, Beatenberg (Switzerland), May-June 1994.

  • Special witness on the Space Option Concept, European Long-Term Space Policy Planning Committee, January 1995.

  • Invited Participant, ESA Space 2020 Round Table, June 1995.

  • Chairman, Session on "Ethical Considerations in Astronautical Endeavours" of the IAA Symposium on Space Activities & Society, XLVI International Astronautical Congress, Oslo (Norway), October 1995.

  • Member, ESTEC "Space 2020" Working Group, October 1995

  • Participant, IAA Committee on Small Satellite Missions' Workshop on Small satellites for European Countries Emerging in Space Technology, Maynooth (Ireland), May 1996.

  • Member of the ESTEC Innovation Working Group & of the Committee for the "Innovation for Competitiveness" Workshop, 1996-1997.

  • Invited speaker, Kuffner Observatory Jubilee Symposium, September 1997.

  • Chairman, Session on "The Relevance of Astronautics for the Future: Global Perspectives" of the IX IAA Symposium on Space Activities & Society, XLVIII International Astronautical Congress, Turin (Italy), October 1997.

  • Member, IAA Committee on Economics of Space Operation, 1998-.


Michael Martin-Smith


"My main objective is to promote the Idea, worldwide, that Humanity must become a creature of the Cosmos if he is to survive and prosper, and, indeed, that this is Humanity's reason d'etre in the plan of Nature."


Michael is un uncomparable friend, and an extremely positive guy. He owns a serene and contagious cheerfullness, is tireless and spends himself with unbelievable generousity, carrying on the ideas that we share.


  • Michael Martin-Smith, 50 years old , has been a General Practitioner of Medicine, with a B.Sc in physiology, for 20 years in a busy mixed city surgery in the North of England.

  • In 1967-1973 he trained as a doctor of Medicine in the London Hospital Medical College, and did 18 months science degree in Physiology enroute. Then, after one years internships, he moved to York for a 3 years postgraduate training in General practice.

  • Michael owns a considerable education in Classics and Ancient History.

  • As an autodidact, and thanks to the membership in varoius learned societies, Michael made considerable studies in astronomy and astronautics. He is thus well travelled, in such matters. Furtermore, his late father was a very well informed member of British Intelligence, and this fact added a touch of cosmopolitism to the Michael's general background.

  • Michael therefore brings to his subject - than many of the more conventional writers.

  • Thanks to the extent of his learnings and his interests (Medicine, Physiology, Astronomy, Astronautics, Cosmology and Biology) Michael is able to bring to his subject a somewhat different perspective - hopefully, a more global one, from a humanist point of view.


  • In 1967-1973 Michael trained as a doctor of Medicine.

  • In 1978, Michael moved to Hull, where he joined a busy 4 man practice, where he is now still in practice after 20 years.

  • In 1970 he married Irene, who is now training as a professional singer; they have two sons, aged 22 and 18.

From the Michael's own self-presentation:

  • "From childhood, I have had an interest in astronomy and spaceflight, and followed all the developments, but had no thought of becoming involved myself until 1982, when I joined the L5 Society via an advertisement (this is now the National Space Society). I met the ideas of space colonization of Gerard O'Neill, and became convinced that this, together with the idea of solar power satellites, was the way forward for humanity.

  • In 1983/4, I joined the Space Studies Institute and the British Interplanetary Society, and wrote my book, Man Medicine and Space. Learning of the dinosaurs' extinction by asteroid theory, I put forward the idea that man's actaul purpose was to disperse into Space and lead evolution on to higher forms of civilization and Mind - ie that Creative evolution towards higher life forms is driven by celestial mechanics as well as mutations. My book failed to find a publisher, so, in 1986, I put it to bed.

  • In 1984 started a small space society in Hull, which lasted for 7 years.

  • I began to campaign by letter writing and radio appearances, with the result that I am now well known locally and called on for "expert" comment as news breaks of space events/issues.

  • Things might have stayed there, but in 1994, I entered a newspaper competition for science ideas with the project known as the Humble Space telescope; this has since led to much publicity, and to giving papers at the IAU and IAF congresses. I also acquired a computer in this period, and transferred my book to disk, updating it as I went. I began another round of publishers, with no success, and also from 1996 began to write for magazines on space and astronomy.

  • In 1996, I joined Stephen, Daniel, and Mike Phillips in setting up Space Age Associates - a web based site for co-ordinating campaigning activities.

  • In 1997, I met Adriano and SAA began to collaborate with Technology of Frontiers; later that year we teamed up with Arthur Woods and OURS, working towards a paper for the IAF Prospective 2000 workshop. Later we finalized togheter the Manifesto of the Greater Earth [a philosophical base for the Human adventure in the Space, ndr]."



  • Michael Martin-Smith is a practising family doctor as well as an amateur astronomer of many years.

  • Michael is also a Fellow of two learned astronautical societies in Britain and America,

  • He gave over 40 talks on 3 continents, and written numerous letters and articles on space matters.

  • He is the founder of the UK Humble Space Telescope project to give schools, Internet members, and television audiences the opportunity to explore the heavens in their own armchairs. It is being developed by Space Innovations Ltd with support from the UK Dept. of Trade & Industry.

  • He has one book, "Man, Medicine and Space" being published next year by Giulio Gelibter of the ANSA Newsagency in Rome - ("Salto nello Spazio" in Italian).

  • He is the Founder of the UK Humble Space Telescope project and has given lectures and presentations to many different audiences in several countries.

  • He is an official freelance writer for the Singapore Straits Times, and has written tenths of articles in the past 3 years for many magazines, and been published in several languages( English, French, German, Italian, Arabic and Russian).

  • He is President and co-founder of Space Age Associates, a co-author of the Greater Earth Manifesto, an Associate Member of Spaceguard-UK, and belongs to the British Interplanetary Society, National Space Society, and Planetary Society.

  • Michael is the Educational Director of Technologies of the Frontier.

  • He is also a paid up Flight Member of the Civilian Astronauts Corps for a trip into Space on the Mayflower 2 rocket.

  • He has many connections, eg with Spaceguard, the Cambridge Conference forum, NSS, Space Studies Institute, Universities, and his own profession, and even some space companies.


Diana Baroni


"I am a warrior of peace, against the prejudice. I am always aware of my abysmal ignorance and of the ignorance that stays around. I am pseudo-rational: I always try to reason about what I am going to do, but then I act pushed by impulses and exetrnl circumstances. I should like to have the dominion on myself, on my life and on what I do; in the reality, having an almost pathological sense of responsibility, I am indentured by the already made choices. Unfortunately, with childhood I loose the omnipotence and the sensation to be protagonist of myself and of the world. I really do think and feel the others equal to me, with equal dignity and opportunities, and I think that I can't be the meter of very much things.Due to my character I don't bear the power -- I am an anarchist in my heart -- even if I am not an anarchist with my reason. Therefore, I try to never impose my power on other people."


Diana holds a very strong personality, and always fighted for the rights of the women and of the weakest people. She likes very much to polemize and to discuss. In her life she looks for relationships with equal and free people, with equal rights and dignity, and cannot bear the injustice, the abuse, the dishonesty, the lie. She is not able to enjoy any good or benefit when she knows that someone is lacking of the minimum needed to live.  She's able to have genial hunchs, and of great constancy, attention and analytic concentration in the study. [AA]


  • Diana Baroni was born march 31th 1955, in Barga, a wounderfoul country in the Garfagnana valley (Lucca).

  • Sign of the Zodiac: Aries, ascendant Sagittarius.

  • 1975 - Diplome of Classic Maturity at the Liceo Nicolò Macchiavelli of Lucca.

  • After that Diana deepened by herself humanistic and philosophic studies, for the pleasure to search and to know.

  • Use of the english language, targeted to translations and search. 


  • DB participated to the Stduents Movement, during the years of the Liceum, in Lucca, where she animated the local feminist movement. Later, transferred in Milano, she was a militant of the italian section of the IV International, and she was engaged in various trade-unions and social activities.

  • Since 1976 to 1991 she worked in the fashion, as a dresser.  

  • In 1975 she married Adriano Autino. In 1980 was born their first child Massimiliano, in 1991 the second one Ginevra.

  • Since 1998 she collaborates to the TdF editorial staff, making translations and coordinating the philosophic research project named "Voices". 


Jacopo Cordero


“Fascinated by the internet, as a tool for global communication and democracy of communication. (to be completed)"


Jacopo is a dedicated worker who always looks forward to new challenges. His ambition is to become a strategic member of an international organization, and an entrepreneur using the experiences he will gain as well as the chances offered by the new economy and by the new technologies… 


  • Born the 20/07/1977 in Venaria Reale (TO), Nationality: Italia.

  • September 1996 – December 2003 - Università di Torino (Italy) - Political Science, International politics, business and International Trade. I was granted a scholarship almost every year

  • September 2001 – March 2003 - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza) and Berkeley University (USA) - Master in Management in the Network Economy, Webmarketing, Knowledge Management, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Internet security, Communication skills. I was granted a scholarship.

  • September 2000 – July 2002 - Anglia Polytechnic University (Cambridge, UK) - Negotiated award: BA Hons in International Politics, Politics and International trade. I spent the first year as an Erasmus student.


Since October 1995 he has been corresponding for several Italian art newspapers.

Alberto Cavallo


"I am a humanist scientist and, due to the cases of life, I found myself to work as an engineer, thus my life is rather complicated - having myself to extricate between my job and different cultural interests. I believe in reason, in the liberty of thought, in the individual responsibility. I fight the ignorance (that isn't "not knowing", but "not willing to know") and dishonesty, most of all the intellectual one. My philosophical references are Immanuel Kant at West and Buddha Shakyamuni at East." 


Alberto owns the rare talent to know how to explain very complex things in comprehensible terms to the non-experts (and we are all non-experts, in the most greater part of the sciences). Furthermore he deals his own practical philosophical search, very tied up to daily facts and politics, fully free from ideological prejudices, and preconceived schemes. In his search, Alberto doesn't aims to "marry the good" or "to refuse the evil", but to appraise if, and in what measure, the concepts and things are indeed usable. 


Alberto Cavallo was born in Asti, July 8th 1961. He got the classical maturity at the Alfieri Liceum in Turin and the degree in electrotechnical engineering at Politecnico in Turin. 


After a very brief experience of research at the Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris, he started serving as designer of electrical plants. Later Alberto passed to deal with the automation and automatic regulation systems, mainly in the field of energy vectors systems of production and distribution (electrical and fluids). Currently he is the chief engineer of the department of electrical plants and automation systems design of an important Italian engineering society.
Since February 1999 he manages the Eurinome web site, born to talk about science and philosophy, then mostly converted to the discussion of global political problems. 

Giulio Gelibter

under construction

Franco Pallavicini

under construction

Vincenzo Zappalà


"he didn't yet say anything to us (:-<)".


Vincenzo, besides being a scientist of international reputation, detector of hundreds of asteroids, is a person of rare humanity, able to communicate jolliness and friendship just by its presence. A generous spirit indeed, endowed by an inexhaustible vein of homour and kindness. Vincenzo is also author of many brief tales of science fiction theme, where he pours out his many futurologist (and also "presentist") intuitions, punctuated by critic cues, often sarcastic and iconoclast, namely vs. institutions, when they take a non-scientific drift, in the name of interests different fron the ones of the knowledge and of the cultural growth.


Vincenzo Zappalà was born 1945. 


Immediately after his degree, Vincenzo entered the researchers of the observatory of Torino, where he had the role of Ordinary Astronomer. Its main field of interest is the dynamic and physical study of the Solar System and particularly of the smaller bodies, i.e. comets and asteroids. Vincenzo made over 300 publications on the best international scientific magazines (e.g. Natures, Science, Icarus) and made search collaborations with various European and American Institutes. Among his greatest scientific results the formulation of a new method, universally recognized nowadays, for the definition of the asteroidal families. Since 1997 to 2000 he was President of the Committee 15 on the smaller bodies, within the International Astronomic Union, the maximum world astronomic organism. Co-leader of the ESA’ GAIA mission. Since many years he develops a continuous and wide didactic and outreach activity. The 2813 asteroid, discovered by the Lowell observatory of Flagstaff (Arizona), has been devoted to his name. Vincenzo gave the name ROERO to an asteroid. ROERO is the name of a famous quality among the wines of Piedmont, of which Vincenzo is a great expert and estimator.

Giancarlo Genta 

Born in Torino, Italy, on February 28th, 1948.
Diploma di Maturità Scientifica given by Liceo Scientifico Orazio Grassi in Savona in 1966.
Married in 1970 with Franca Bonelli.
Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Politecnico (Technical University) di Torino in 1971 "cum laude", with a thesis on orbital transfers with solar electric propulsion.
Assistant professor from 1971 in the chair of Construction of Machines.
Degree in Aerospace Engineering in 1972 at the Politecnico (Technical University) di Torino in 1972 "cum laude", with a thesis on thermoelectric radioisotopes generators (RTG).
From 1973 to 1975 teacher of Mathematics and Technical Drawing at Sagana Technical School, Sagana, Kenya.
In 1976 his son Alessandro was born.
In 1976 taught a course in Astronautical Propulsion
Since 1977, taught a course in Motor Vehicle Mechanics to Mechanical Engineering students.
Professor of Construction of Machines for a Semester in 1980 at The University of Mogadiscio in Somalia.
In 1983, appointed Associate Professor of Construction of Aircraft Engines at the School of Aerospace Engineering of Politecnico di Torino.
Since 1987, full Professor at the same chair and then at the chair of Principles and Methods of Mechanical Design.
From 1989 to 1995, head of Department of Mechanics of Politecnico di Torino. 
Since 1996 corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Torino.
Since 1997, Professor of Applied Stress Analysis II at the Master of Science Courses of the University of Michigan held at the Politecnico di Torino.
Since 2001 is corresponding member of the International Academy of Astronautics.

Peter Wainwright 

Peter Wainwright has been involved in the space tourism community for over ten years and co-founded SFC with Dr. Patrick Collins.
He instigated the initial construction and public release of the Space Future website and maintains SFC’s relationships with affiliate organizations and clients worldwide.
In addition to his work on space tourism Peter is the author of several books on programming and Internet technologies, and has worked extensively in the information technology and financial sectors.

Daniel Christlein 

Daniel Christlein, German, is an astronomer, professional scientist, who carried on his researches at the Steward Observatory, the University of Arizona, in the United States. Daniel is a member of Space Age Associates, and was among the firsts to discusss and sustain the project of the Greater Earth, since its born, in 1998. His collaboration with Technologies of the Frontier started as well from the origin of TDF. We have not so many articles from Daniel, but his collaboration is precious, and informed by the highest scientific rigour.

The contribution of Daniel is often very useful in the discussion on the editorial strategies and on scientific topics, with which our magazine tries to deal. 

Patrick Collins 

Patrick Collins begun speaking about Space Tourism some 20 years ago, when such a matter was just like science fiction. While at that time he couldn't find audience in UK, he decided to reach Japan, where he started to work with NASDA (the Japanes Space Agencies).

In 1998 IAF Congress in Melbourne, Patrick presented the Solar Power from Space: a demonstrator satellite solar energy plant, a Japanese Government project, directed by Patrick Collins himself. The project involves 8 Countries in the Equatorian belt, users of the facility.

Patrick works without rest on Space Tourism. He is panelist in all the main congresses and symposia where such theme is discussed, and he was among the organizers of the 1999 springtime International Symposium on the Space Travel in Bremen (Germany).

Patrick Collins is the president of SpaceFuture, one of the most informed web journals, about the themes of astronautics, space tourism, energy from space.

When we met, in 1998 in Melbourne, we discussed about the space frontier situation, how and why it was still closed to the society. I was thinking about a realistic way to involve the society and private investors in the space enterprises, and I was brooding over the concepts of long terms investments, new credit tools, and so on. Patrick shared with me his analysis of the space community, spending 25 tax US$ billions per years, without paying  back a cent to the tax payers, and in the same time the only activities that could payback the investors (Space Tourism and SPS) didn't get neither the 1% of the agencies balance. We suddendly felt that we had a common political and cultural way to run together!

Patrick Collins was with us in several cases: in the Greater Earth group, in the Brema symposium, and TdF often got very useful and well informed articles and reportages from Dr. Collins. The articles will be easy found by means of the site search function, and also by the authors index.

Adriano Autino


"In my life I loved and love many things: jazz, theatre, poetry and literature, science, all expressions of the human intelligence and culture, i.e. tools to survive. I believe all this must continue besides the limits of our birth world. The world must continue, for all the humans. Working too much, sometimes I'm not so brilliant, but I'm a stubborn person, and I don't give up."


  • Adriano Autino was born in Moncrivello (Vc) Italia, the 30 june 1949 (Sign of the Zodiac: Cancer, ascendant: Leo).

  • He took the dimplome of non graduated Engineer in Industrial Electronics in 1969.

  • He attended with success the first year of Science of the Information, in Torino.

  • He writes and speaks intellegibly in English, reads and speaks (bad) in French, reads (but has no courage to speak) the Spanish, is able to say some words in German, and in Russian.

  • He attended several courses and seminars of Project Management, targeted to managerial staff.

CHRONOLOGY [From the Adriano's self-presentation]:

  • In 1969 I took my diplome of NGE in Industrial Electronics. After some working activities as electronic technician I frequented the first year of Informatics Facultee in Turin.

  • In 1971 I entered Honeywell Information Systems Italy, where I worked until 1984, as a maintenance field assistant (first 2 years), then as a software designer at the Research and Development Laboratories in Pregnana Milanese, where I dealed with Diagnostics and Testing of Subsystems.

  • In 1973 I moved from Torino (where I grew up and studied) to Milano. I participated to the ‘68 movement as a student, during the 70’s I was a member of the Fourth International, and I was engaged in various trade-unions and social activities.

  • In 1984 I left Honeywell and joined Sysdata, a system-house that dealed with industrial automation. I was Project Leader, and then Project Manager, for several automated systems projects, in Italy and foreign. During this period I attended several management training courses.

  • In 1975 I got married with Diana Baroni. In 1980 was born our first child Massimiliano, in 1991 the second one Ginevra.

  • In 1989 I had the chance to review, for a small newspaper, the book "The nuclear dilemma" by Carlo Rubbia. This is the start of my reflections and elaboration on the theme of human growth against the planet’s resources finiteness character. I write an essay, titled "The world is over". In 1989 I also transfer with my family from Milano to Moncrivello (my native country).

  • In 1991 I left Sysdata to join AEG (Daimler Benz group), Indutrial Plants division, as a proposal manager.

  • In 1992 I left also AEG, to found my own small company, Studio Andromeda. I still work in the informatics field, both as a software supplier and as a marketing consultant. I keep on reflecting and elaborating on "The world is over". I realize that the politics doesn’t give answers to the real problems that Humanity is faced to, and that the main problem of today is not political but philosophical, and the answers should be seeked at philosophical level. I also work on the automation market segment experience during 70’s and 80’s: I realize that new work and social relationships where experimented, during that period, and that the social state of the population is changed in 30 years, with increment of a magnitude order of the entrepreneurs compared to the dependent working class (in Italy from 600.000 companies on 50 millions people in 1961 to 4 million companies on 55 millions peoples in 1991). All the above leads me to elaborate the "Functional Marketing" theory, to optimize synergies among companies with complementary skills.

  • During 1993/94 I design the project of a magazine, named "Technologies of the Frontier", and I start to operate in the research field, as strategical marketing and communication consultant. I realize an important study of the skills and competencies of LABEN (Alenia Finmeccanica group). Later I will supply software for several Finmeccanica companies, working in the aerospace segment, mainly in the field of the Dynamic Simulators and hard real time systems.

  • During my professional carreer I was, for professional reasons, in The Nederlands (8 months), in the United Arab Emirates (3 months), in the ex-DDR (2 months), in the ex-USSR (6 months), in Germany several times for few days each time.

  • During 1997 I connected on the Internet, and started to issue "Technologies of the Frontier" on the web by myself. I begun to collaborate with some italian well placed webzines, Gnomiz (almost 1000 visits per day) and "Affari Italiani" (50.000 to 80.000 visits per day). With the help of the friends of Space Age Associates and OURS Foundation I came to better define my ideals: to help the Humanity (for what I can) to acceed the frontiers of ours world and to go over, i.e. to be born in a greater context (the Greater Earth and the extraterrestris space).

  • During 1997, 1998 and 1999, with my small company Studio ANDROMEDA, I am engaged in the CIRA Plasma Wind Tunnel Project, as a subcontractor of Laben (Alenia Finmeccanica); I am responsible of the design and development of the Real Time Simulator (RTS) of the whole facility, of the Automated Test Procedure for the Shop Test of the Automation System, and of the coherence and completeness of the System Database (Test Engineering Work Bench).

  • During the 1998 it was constitued the editorial staff of Technologies of the Frontier, nowaday engaged in pushing the magazine to a professional step ahead.

  • During the 2000 Studio ANDROMEDA was merged with another individual company, MMDS of ing. Maurizio Del Savio. The new society is the ADROMEDA s.r.l., working in the field of the real-time systems.


  • ANDROMEDA s.r.l., President - Software House, skilled in High Availability Real Time Sistems, for Aerospace industry and for applications with high need of availability and safety

  • Studio ANDROMEDA, President - Software House, skilled in Real Time Sistems and Simulators, for the Aerospace Industry

  • President of the online magazine "Technologies of the Frontier"

  • Chairman of the "Greater Earth Initiative"

  • Speaker and Rapporteur at the Symposium "IAA.8.1. Relevance of Astronautics for the Future: Economic Stimolous and Job Creation" of the 49th IAF Congress 1998, where he presents his own paper "Concepts for a World Space Program based in the Society"

  • Member of the Space Activities and Society Committee of the International Astronautical Academy

  • Member of the experts called to comment on the "World Space Program" (Perspective 2100).

  • Corrispondent at the 49th IAF Congress - Melbourne, for LE SCIENZE (italian edition of Scientific American)

  • Collaborator of Gnomiz, cultural online magazine

  • Collaborator of Affari Italiani, Information online daily


  • 1993 - Seminar on "Functional Marketing in the segments of the Industrial Automation and Instrumental Goods" - at the Bicocca Technologic Incubator (Milano)

  • 1994 - "Functional Marketing" and Project Management, in the frame of a Euroepan Union Training Programme for Entrepreneurs and Young Intellectual Unemployed - Canavese Technologic District

  • 1994 - Seminar on "Technologies of the Frontier" and "Functional Marketing" for the Technical Staff (20 Directors of Project Departments) of LABEN (Alenia Finmeccanica)



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