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Grameen Bank

Mirpur Two Dhaka - 1216, Bangladesh

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For Grameen Information in the United States

Grameen Foundation, USA

The Grameen Foundation is an American organization based in Washington DC. The purpose of Grameen Foundation is firstly, to promote Grameen philosophy and support programmes of Grameen Bank, Grameen Trust and organizations in the Grameen family, secondly, to serve and empower those in the Americas who want to collaborate with Grameen.

Alex Counts President Grameen Foundation USA

1709 New York Avenue NW - Washington DC 20006, U.S.A.

Phone: (202) 628-3560 - Fax: (202) 628-3880

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URL :,,,

International Replication : Funding and Training Information

Professor H. I. Latifee - Managing Director Grameen Trust

Mirpur Two, Dhaka 1216 Bangladesh

Fax/Phone: +880 2 806319


web site: http;//

Grameen Dialogue/Newsletter

A Quarterly Newsletter on Microcredit Published by the Grameen Trust Subscription: US$25

Please contact: Grameen Trust - Mirpur Two, Dhaka-1216 - Bangladesh

Fax: +880 2 803559, +880 2 806319


website: http;//

website: http;//

In the US please contact Alex Counts for subscriptions (e-mail:

Poverty Newsletter

A Quarterly Newsletter of the Programme for Research on Poverty Alleviation

Published by the Grameen Trust

For subscriptions, please contact the Grameen Trust (<>).

International Dialogue Programme

Grameen Trust (GT) in collaboration with Grameen Bank organizes International Dialogue Programmes in Bangladesh for potential replicators of the Grameen Bank approach. The Dialogue exposes participants to the philosophy and practical operations of the Grameen Bank. The essentials of the Grameen methodology are discussed with reference to the country context in which replication is proposed. For more information on the Dialogue programme, please visit the web-site : or contact :

Professor H. I. Latifee

Managing Director

Grameen Trust

Mirpur Two, Dhaka 1216


Fax/Phone: 880 2 806319


web site:


Recently Published Books

Autobiography of Professor Muhammad Yunus :

  1. French Edition : Vers Un Monde Sans Pauvrete,- L’autobiographie du <<banquier des pauvres>>, J. C.Lattes, Siege Social, 17, rue Jacob, 75006 Paris, 1997, Phone : 33-1-44-41-74-26, Fax : 33-1-43-25-30-47, 33-1-43-26-91-04
  2. English Edition : Banker to the Poor, Aurum Press Limited, 25 Bedford Avenue, London WCIB 3AT, U.K., 1998, Phone : 0044 171-637 3225, Fax : 0044 171 580 2469
  3. Japanese Edition : Banker to the Poor, Hayakawa Publishing, Inc., 2-2, Kanda-Tacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan, 1998, Phone : (03) 3252-3111, Fax : (03) 3254-1550
  4. Italian Edition : IL banchiere dei Poveri, Feltrinelli, Via Andegari 6, 20121 Milano, Italy, 1998, Phone : 0039 2 86463485, Fax : 0039 2 72 00 10 64
  5. Spanish Edition : Hacia Un Mundo Sin Pobreza, Andres Bello Publishers, Gorriti 4142 (1172), Buenos, Aires, Argentina, 1998, Phone/ Fax : 54 1 865 8642/4535

Some Books on the Grameen Bank


Alex Counts, Give Us Credit -- How Muhammad Yunus’s Micro-Credit Revolution is Empowering Women from Bangladesh to Chicago, Random House, 1996.

David Bornstein, The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank and the Idea that is Helping the Poor Change their Lives, Simon & Schuster, 1996.

Helen Todd, Women at the Centre: Grameen Bank Borrowers After One Decade, Westview Press, 1996


Susan Holcombe, Managing to Empower: The Grameen Bank’s Experience of Poverty Alleviation, Zed Books, 1995


Gibbons, S David. The Grameen Reader. Dhaka: Grameen Bank, 1994.

Gibbons, S David and Kasim Sukor. Banking On The Rural Poor. Dhaka: Grameen Bank, 1994.

Ainon Mizan, In Quest of Empowerment: The Grameen Bank Impact on Women’s Power and Status, University Press, 1994


Fuglesang, Andreas and Chandler, Dale. Participation as Process - Process as Growth: What We Can Learn From Grameen Bank, Bangladesh. Dhaka: Grameen Trust, 1993.


Yunus, Muhammad. Jorimon and Others: Faces at Poverty. 3rd ed. Dhaka: Grameen Bank, 1991.

Shehabuddin, Rahnuma. The Impact Of Grameen Bank In Bangladesh. Dhaka: Grameen Bank, 1991.


Ray, Jayanta Kumar. To Chase A Miracle: A Study of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. Dhaka: University Press Limited, 1987.

Journal Articles and Papers on the Grameen Bank

World Bank Discussion Papers #306, Grameen Bank: Performance and Sustainability, Shahidur R. Khandker, Baqui Khalily, Zahed Khan, October, 1995.