We, fellow members of Technologies of the Frontier, and yours truly in particular, maintain a very critic position vs. the green, or ecologist, philosophies. But ZERI is another thing. I’m proud of had been one of the firsts to speak about ZERI and Gunter Pauli in Italy (please see also one of my first editorials, about the meeting 10 Nobels for the Future in Milano, 1996: Beyond the limits of the development). I think, as a matter of facts, that ZERI moves in a logic of development, and not of stagnation and technologic bakward (as many supporters of the "sustainability"). It is thus with particular interest, even looking forward to possible collaborations, that I report the following.

A. Autino


A ZERI Project in Lombardia (Italy)

A newsletter by Anders Karlsson - ZERI Foundation

The Italian province of Pavia designs and implements a new type of socio-economic development together with the ZERI Foundation http://www.zeri.org/flash/99/990415.htm

Silvio Beretta, the President of the Pavia Province, located in the region of Lombardia in the industrialised North of Italy, today visited the ZERI Foundation's office in Geneva. The President is determined to design and implement a strategy for the generation of a new type of socio-economic development. The idea is to re-industrialise this part of Italy. The ZERI concept as described in the book UpSizing or Il Projetto ZERI (Il Sole 24 Ore) offers a new model for development of products and markets whereby the waste of one is the input for another.

The concept was presented earlier this month to the Italian Prime Minister Mr. Massimo D'Alema by the President of the Pavia Province and Silvano Coletti, President and Chairman of CGSS (http://www.cgss.it), an innovative company in Italy for environmental management systems.

A three way co-operation between the Pavia Province, CGSS and ZERI was agreed upon. The first stage of the project runs from May to September 1999. The co-operation will focus on fast track implementation of Zero Emissions projects in the region. A key group of people from the region will be set up and trained to develop the initiative aiming at presenting an action plan in September 1999 involving the identification of concrete industrial projects, the design of a scientific research and technology development agenda, as well as a series of educational initiatives.

The objective is clear, the present trend towards downsizing is to be reversed into a strategy whereby waste streams mainly from the agro-industries will be used as the basis for the generation of new income, new jobs, new technologies, new markets and new industries.


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