Homage to Viktor Schauberger


by Adelia Bertetto

with a comment by A. Autino

Viktor Schauberger, a great precursor with a deep passion: water.

Viktor Schauberger, of Austrian nationality, while working as forest warden for the Prince Adolf Schaumburg-Lippe had responsibility over 21.000 hectares of forest. He used to spend hours watching the nature, the best model to understand and copy ("kapieren und kopieren"). The environment was almost untouched: with the present environmental degradation it would probably difficult to repeat his observations.

Water has the greatest density, the so-called anomaly point of + 4 C. Because of its molecules in 3-D structures and the electrical polarity, it can dissolve the substances. By freezing its volume increases by 9%, but it is lighter than in the liquid state. In the mountain streams water reaches its highest density. In his memories, Schauberger mentions his father who used to organise the transport of logs along the streams only by night and preferably by full Moon, for during the day and under the sun's rays water is lazy and "sleeps". At night, however, it becomes vital again and is able to carry logs of higher specific weight.

In the mountain streams trout could lie motionless even in the strongest current for longer periods of time. If alarmed they would speed against the current. Knowing that the water in a mountain stream is colder near its source and became warmer farther away, Schauberger made an experiment to explain the phenomenon of the 'stationary trout'. He had 100 litres of heated water poured 500 metres upstream of a point of strong rapids where a trout used to lie. The stream had a flow volume of several cubic metres of water per second and 100 litres of heated water did not change significantly the temperature. However, as soon as the hot water hit the stream, the trout until then quiet, became agitated and despite its struggle was swept downstream only able to return to its previous position after a certain period of time. This experiment confirmed his intuition about the importance of temperature (even a difference of 0.1C has an impact on the behaviour of running water).

"The dancing stones": on cold winter nights, in the bright light of the full Moon, Schauberger saw egg-shaped stones gently moving in a circular path from the bottom of a mountain pool towards the surface and floating there. The stones of irregular shape remained on the bottom. Schauberger did explain this phenomenon as the combined effect of the cold, which increases the bio-magnetic levitational energies and the metalliferous composition of the stones, essentially silica (SiO2) and silicates.

These and other observations led Schauberger to develop his theory of "implosion", linking the trout's movement to the concept of planetary motion exposed by Johannes Kepler, which has an impact on the fluid motion. Human beings (Science) and Nature act differently. Nature tends to move its masses in a planetary way: implosion. The Science follows a straight line: explosion. The implosion is the motion on which life is based, from outside inwards, following a centripetal cycloid spiral line. For Schauberger explosion means involution, demolition, destruction, while implosion is evolution, construction, and life. In Nature both forces intervene (expression of bipolarity), but implosion prevails. Even the demolition force has in Nature a positive character: decomposition of death organisms and their integration in new organic life forms, in a continuous recycling process. Callum Coats notes the difficulty of describing the various devices invented by Schauberger and based on the principles of implosion and vortex energy, due to the overlapping of drawings, diagrams, dates, names: Repulsine, Klimator, implosion motor, suction motor, trout motor, biotechnical submarine. All these machines, fed by air or water have a silent and cheap operation, are egg-shaped and exploit the creation of "Biological Vacuum"(see for technical details Callum Coats, op. cit., chapter 21 "Implosion").

In winter 1918, the town of Linz was suffering a shortage of fuel and the prince Adolf Schaumburg-Lippe had economic problems. In the mountains there was plenty of timber. The problem was how to transport it down to the valley. Schauberger built a fifty kilometres long wooden flume, half egg-shaped, with a winding path. To keep the timber floating periodically some water was drained of and replaced by colder water from nearby streams. Despite the general scepticism, the system worked. Schauberger was appointed official consultant for the log flumes with a salary higher than that of forest superintendent with academic titles. Jealousy and intrigues eventually led Schauberger to quit the job. During many years he worked for the Austrian entrepreneur Steinhard and built various water chutes along streams in Austria, Yugoslavia, and Turkey.


Regulation of water courses and water management

Asked by Prof. Philipp Forchheimer (1852-1933), a hydrologist to present at the Agricultural College in Vienna his theories on the natural motion of water, Schauberger met a sceptical and hostile forum. The Rector rudely asked him to express in few sentences what was needed to regulate water without damages and Schauberger answered: "Wie das Saubär brunzt" (Just as wild boar passes water while walking). The wild boar makes indeed various rhythmical movements which can be graphically translated into horizontal and vertical curves following a spiral motion: a cycloid spiral curve. Schauberger tried with every mean to save the Rhine and the Danube, two death rivers, without success.

Forcing water in canals and cylindrical pipes means imprisoning it and taking away its energy. In the hydro-installations, beside the problem of dams and their impact on the environment, water is thrust down cylindrical pipes under enormous pressure and then hurled against steel turbine blades where it is literally smashed and the dissolved oxygen is centrifuged out of the water. After this physical and energetic disintegration, this oxygen deficient water is discharged in the watercourse with an impact on fish and aquatic life. Schauberger developed alternative solutions less damaging for the environment. Also for the water purification he had an ecological approach and designed a plant able to produce water of highest quality ("Edelwasser") with the same chemical and biological composition of spring water, using rain water, river water, sea water, even filthy, following a method very different from the traditional ones:

"The sterilisation following all the traditional types of chlorination takes place with oxygen in status nascendi and with the time can damage the tissues and produce cancer in people, animals and plants. With my method, sterilisation and purification are done using special pipes under high pressure or the so called whorl pipes and applying special devices for regeneration". In the apparatus the water was introduced in a egg-shaped chamber and cooled at 4 C, then forced in a vortex with high speed and mixed with minerals and carbon-dioxide.".

Despite the hostility of the academic circles, Schauberger was becoming famous. Mussolini had expressed an interest in his ideas and there had been contacts with representatives of France, Romania and Bulgaria. The industrial magnate Ludwig Roselius organised a meeting with Hitler in Berlin (10 July 1934) of which different versions exist. Accordingly to Schauberger the meeting was very short and the Fűhrer showed interest; accordingly to the official report of ministerial counsellor Willuhn, a big opponent of Schauberger, Hitler judged him a "Schwindler" (charlatan). The meeting had no results, however it was only the first step with the Nazi leadership.

In 1943 Schauberger was forced to choose between supervising a team of technicians and physicians selected among the prisoners in the concentration camp at Mauthausen or to be hanged. The conditions even if not as appalling as in the ill-famed working camp "Dora" where were built the V2 (Vergeltungswaffen), were harsh. Accordingly to the official evidence given after the war by two survivors of the prisoners team, Schauberger made every effort to ensure human conditions to his co-workers and also to delay the military activities (the famous Wunderwaffe or miracle weapon by which the Germans still hoped to win the war).

To this period belong various biotechnical tests and the construction of model devices, including a flying disk. "I had developed this 'Fliegende Untertasse' (tested near Prague in February 1945) which rose to an altitude of 15.000 metres in three minutes and attained a forward speed of 2,200 kph, following a model built in the concentration camp at Mauthausen together with engineers and technicians of highest competence selected among the prisoners. [...] To my knowledge the machine was destroyed on Keitel's orders just before the end of the war. Various representatives of military industry had expressed an interest for this research [...] they invited me to describe the principles of the production of an atomic region under reduced pressure which develops in few seconds by moving air or water in radial and axial sense, with a decreasing temperature gradient".

In this research field the Germans were more advanced than the Americans. Long before the end of the war, Americans and Russians eager to exploit the Europeans "brains" had organised the abduction of Von Braun and his team of researchers at Peeneműnde and of other technicians and scientists considered of interest. Russians and Americans confiscated material and documents and the Americans kept Schauberger in protective custody for six months to avoid a possible abduction by the Russians and also in order to keep an eye on his atomic studies. "Through my researches I gradually became aware of higher-grade atomic energies of 'constructive' nature. I want to underline that none of the atomic energies kept secret by the Americans did ever interest me and that I am willing to engage myself by writing never to deal in future, either at theoretical or practical level with those destructive forces. The atomic energies I have studied are basically different from those of the Americans. With the high-grade atomic energies I have studied there is neither explosion nor fire, on the contrary, the decay product is water. I consider them atomic energies of 'first class'. With the atomic energies of 'second class' applied by the Americans, the decay product is fire".


Biological agriculture

After the war Schauberger focused on agriculture problems.

Already in the '20, Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) had developed the principles of biodynamics in agriculture and produced various preparations to enhance the quality of fertiliser and compost. Also in this field, the starting point for Schauberger is the direct observation; his researches would deserve a whole chapter. I will only mention some results: copper ploughs in order not to disturb the magnetic field; joint patent with the technician Rosenberg (1950) for steel ploughshare overlaid with copper, spiral plough, composting methods, egg-shaped fermentation chamber to produce the "amniotic fluid", a mixture of silver, zinc, silicon, gold, copper, limestone and water with a rotation movement accordingly to the planetary motion and other technical arrangements and production of biomagnetism.

The growth process is for Schauberger mainly an energy problem, a question of reaching equilibrium between the geospherical and the atmospheric energy. In the charging/discharging sequence of energy of the growth process, the different electrical tension between atmosphere and Earth is extremely important. Between the two tension polarities insulation is needed. Schauberger insists a lot on the 'skin' that must be around Earth. The soil must never be naked and must be covered by vegetation. Mankind has started a perverse cycle: with the destruction of forests the quality of water is damaged; a poor water and artificial fertiliser do not allow a healthy agricultural production with negative effects on the organism. It is extremely important to respect the full hydrological cycle and ensure a positive temperature gradient to facilitate the penetration of water in the ground. With the half hydrological cycle -that prevails today- the temperature gradient is negative because the ground temperature in general is hotter than the rain. With the destruction of forests, the evaporation changes. The water no longer rises from the trees (living bodies) and the quality of water from the oceans is no longer tempered by the forest's transpiration. The groundwater table sinks, the trees fail to absorb the nutrients which they distribute to the lower vegetation, the water vapour raises to higher levels where it is more exposed to ultra-violet and gamma radiation, that dissociates the water-molecule, separating the oxygen from the hydrogen. The hydrogen rises, the oxygen sinks and the water disappears, a "biological short-circuit". The consequences are visible: sudden variations in the atmosphere, sudden temperature increases, excessive salinity of the soil, drought in certain areas and flood elsewhere. The only solution is a large-scale reafforestation of the planet.


The trip to America

Karl Gerchsheimer (of German origin and probably enrolled at the Counter Intelligence Corps) was against the explosion theory of Von Braun and having taken an interest in the implosion idea, persuaded the American magnate Robert Donner to invite Schauberger to the States. The first contract was signed the 9th of May 1958 and Viktor and his son Walter left for New York the 25th of June 1958. Viktor had insisted to have a clause that his sojourn in the States would be for 3 months only. About this staying, many points remain obscure and controversial (see for more details Callum Coats, op. cit., "What happened in America" pp.15ff.). Clearly from both parties there were misunderstandings, lack of trust and different expectations. Accordingly to the last contract signed with the consortium Donner-Gerscheimer, all models, sketches, prototypes and data became property of the consortium and Viktor and his son Walter had to commit themselves to total silence on anything connected with the implosion. Viktor had accepted the American offer to finance his prototypes having lost hope to do it in Europe. In the States he became convinced that his ideas were being exploited in a capitalistic or military manner, i.e. totally against his intentions. He left for Europe on the 19th of September and died in Linz on the 25th of September.


Apart from the interest expressed in the past by Americans and Russians (it's difficult to ascertain if researches are carried on, -unknown to the general public- on some topics studied by Schauberger), various publications UFO and of esoteric character misleadingly present Schauberger as the Hitler's builder of flying saucers.

The first biographer of Schauberger was the Swedish Olof Alexandersson; his book Levande Vattnet (1976) has been translated into English in 1982 (Living Water - Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy - Gateway Books, Bath, UK e further editions).

Callum Coats has devoted more than 15 years to Schauberger, translating in English and editing his books, articles and letters. See: The Water Wizard, The Fertile Earth, Schauberger's Revolution (Gateway, Bath 1997).

In the United Kingdom Schauberger has many supporters developing some of his intuitions and concepts. I mention Alan Hall's studies on the structural and energetic properties of water and his role in transmitting information; and the pleasant book of Charlie Ryrie "The healing energies of water" (1998 Gaia Books Limited - London) dealing with the therapeutic virtues of water (an aspect studied by Schauberger).

Criticised all his life by the cast of civil servants and by the academic establishment, Schauberger was not afraid of stating that science is wrong ("macht alles verkehrt"), proceeds against Nature (naturunrichtig) and it is responsible of the economic and environmental degradation. "They call me a fool. Maybe they are right. It doesn't matter if there is a fool more or a fool less in the world. But if I am right and science is wrong, then may the Lord have mercy on mankind".


Nature as Mankind is an open and evolutionary system.

Science is a closed circle functioning accordingly to a set of rules that the new entrants must observe. Students are not encouraged to think in a critical manner and it's unlikely that they will dare to go against current. In name of objectivity, science places the data of measurement instruments above the sensory perceptions. The unusual ideas are rejected or mocked. Having freed itself from church, science would like to take over the dogmatic role of the latter. Its Achilles' heel is the alliance with business. The researcher who goes against current puts his credibility and career at risk. Just think about the fierce hostility of traditional medicine versus homeopathy, or the treatment reserved to Stephan Riess and Jacques Benveniste!

As Nikola Tesla for the electricity, Viktor Schauberger is a precursor and his ideas are one century forward. Some statements sound provocative: the heart is not a pump, but is "pumped", birds not fly but are "flown", fish do not swim but are "swum", the sun is probably a dark and cold body... (See for details Callum, op. cit., p.188ff.)

His core message, of great topical interest, is that our technology and our industrial processes follow the motion used by nature to decompose and dissolve matter, while nature to build up follows other ways (principle of cycloid spiral motion). "Modern technology is a tragic error or an intentional crime for it uses the destructive forces to run machines, engines etc. which Nature applies to dismantle what cannot further developed. The culture, which fostered this development, will end up in blind alley. In this way the best raw materials have been and still are absurdly dissipated, in the wrong belief to control Nature. The output is much lower than the output, a way of proceeding totally uneconomic. Besides the irrational use of raw materials to obtain motive power there has been another economic consequence, very dangerous, since the energy obtained in this way produces temperatures, which favour decay processes, the survival of dangerous bacteria and develops dangerous gas. The efficiency of machines and engines fed in this way is very low". For life on Earth, forest, soil and water are the three main elements. Earth is a living body, with intelligence. Nature is the big alchemist, an advanced recycling plant..

The deep sense of Nature is transformation, the metamorphosis that does not happen following a straight line but through apparent deviations and intermediate steps. Also the human beings go through various transformations (childhood, adolescence, maturity, and old age) and the cocoon is the corpse abandoned by the spirit. Water and blood pass over the knowledge of previous generations. To think as Nature is to think biologically instead of logically. To follow Nature means to accept the evolutionary process. A shift is needed from physical laws of mechanics towards the spiritual rules of energy. The human being as a biological sensor and as such should not give up direct observation, his sensorial perception that brings elements of knowledge impossible with an artificial instrument. The fragmentation of disciplines implies a compart-mentality, leading to experts unable of a holistic approach, while the whole is something more than the mere addition of its parts.

In the '30 people used to laugh about the Schauberger's prophecy that one day a bottle of water would cost more than a bottle of wine. Can we still laugh? Schauberger has foreseen the disasters related to climatic changes, the acid rains, the effective and 'qualitative' death of the trees, the damages of monoculture, the desertification, the cancer as the pest of our epoch, the forthcoming wars for water etc.

For Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) the universe is a space ship travelling along a spiral path, from outward inward, from starting point Alpha towards Omega, Omega being the God dimension which WO-MAN will reach at the end of his evolutionary process. Mutatis mutandis, we could say that the WO-MAN is an essential part of the spaceship Earth that will carry our descendants on other planets. WO-MAN therefore must not forget that his blood is made up to 90% of water.


We are the water!

We leave to following generations a heavy legacy: long-living nuclear wastes (plutonium has a radioactivity period of 10.000 years). The dismantling option for high-level radioactive wastes is the deep deposit in clay layers or salt mines out of use. However, the problem how to communicate with distant future, i.e. convey in a comprehensible manner in the centuries to came the message that the deposit is a lethal area has not been resolved yet. At least we must plant trees on huge scale, even if two or three centuries will be needed before having an healthy forest: the tree as David versus Goliath, the radioactive wastes.

To my knowledge, Schauberger is unknown in Italy. Recently the book of Theodor Schwenk "Das sensible Chaos" (written in 1962) has been translated into Italian. Theodor Schwenk belongs to the Anthroposophical Movement and considers water the sensory organ of Nature, capable of reacting even to minimal changes. Schwenk deals with the spiral, the winding path, the vortex energy etc., however without the vision of Schauberger, whom he doesn't even quote.

The only reference I have found for the moment in Italian is the translations of two articles of Josef Hasslberger ("A new Beginning for Thermodynamics" e "Vortex- The Natural Movement - Consideration on light, matter, gravity and magnetism" (http://www.hasslberger.com/home.html). However, an Italian Physics Professor has warned me: "He is not a physicist at all. The articles he has written pretending to talk physics have no scientific base. It is easy to make errors in thermodynamics, even by specialists, but in this case I do not hesitate to say that he is not 'competent'.

I am not qualified to express an opinion.

I hope with this article to start a discussion on the ideas of Viktor Schauberger.



Brussels, 5th of April 2000


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Please see also the comment by A. Autino.

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[Translation from Italian language by Adelia Bertetto]

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