The world is lacking - the Human Kind needs some New World

City and country
  • Only the city's inhabitants think to have defeated and even destroyed the nature
  • It is enough to live in country to know who is still the stronger
  • The city is an umbalanced and umbalancing system: it depends from the country and to the country it gives back pollution and waste; furthermore, the city illudes us to be a shelter for us from the nature
The fight with the nature is not winned
  • Between us and the nature, the nature is still the stronger: the chances to continue the human development are appended to a thread
  • The terrestrial habitat is not safe for the man, only our cultural development allowed us to make it a little more safe
  • The nature doesn't tollerate the development of a same species, on our planet, over a certain limit
  • The nature is an enemy to be bend with intelligence, kindness and respect (the cruelty with the animals and the plants is an heritage of barbarism and animal behaviours)
  • Even out of this planet we will have to deal with the nature
The human species doesn't reproduce itself in captivity
  • Sacrifices and hardships could have a sense, if they served to enlarge as it is possible the development window on our planet, in view of a goal, of a larger horizon.
To project and produce livable world
  • The world, intended as finite and limited physical quantity of material resources is over, or, at least, it is very low, in reserve.
  • What distinguishes the USE from the WASTE of resources is the presence of a GOAL.
  • The real crime was if we had wasted our planet without being able to reach and make livable another one.
Between rationality and madness
  • The victory of the irrationality would mean a jump back on the evolution path, maybe irrecoverable
A safe space for the growth of our sons


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