A first summary of some 1998 activities of the IAA Committee on Space Activities and Society

More detailed and complete informations will be issued in the next weeks.

  • Sessions of the Committee will be held in Amsterdam and Melbourne (49th IAF Congress). The topics of “Impact of Commercialism on National Space Policies” and “Ethics” will probably be discussed, among others.
  • A plan was presented, during last IAF Congress in Torino, to develope a web-site on the Comprehensive Rationale for Space Activities (CORASPA), and to print recourses which will lead to an official IAA position paper on the comprehensive rationale for space
  • A cosmic study on rationale for space is promoted by CORASPA.
  • The Art and Literature Subcommittee plans to develop a position paper on cultural politics and programs of space agencies.
  • The Art and Literature Subcommittee also plans to prepare an IAA white paper on cultural activities by Space Agenciey Working Groups.
  • A new activity for the Committee was proposed by J. A. Clayton, describing the role of Space in the Modern Archeology.
  • L. Rains suggested that the IAA maintains a directory of expects on key topics for use of media and other organizations.
  • J. Arnould asked wheter the Committee could begin to work on the subject of ethics.
  • Reports are also given, by the IAA, on a once per year Meeting held in Beijng (China) on Space Activity and Society.

Thanks and Remarks

Thanks to IAA, for enterely reporting, in its Bulletin, the pamphlet that Technologies of the Frontier presented to the 48th IAF Congress in Torino!

Critical notes were issued by some Committee Members on the italian organization of the IAF 48th Congress in Turin:

  • “An art exhibit was organized at the trade show at Turin. The exhibit is excellent, but the Italian organizers were very unprofessional in their dealings with the Subcommittee. A. Woods and J. Hess are making sure the same problems do not occur in Melbourne and Amsterdam”.
  • “A session” [of the Arts and Literature Subcommittee - ndr] “was organized in Turin with many new speakers and as well attended. Howevwe, the room assigned for the session was unusable and an insulte to the presenters, It was impossible to see the slides and view graphs because of the sunlight in the room”.

A. Autino appointed as a Member of the IAA Committee on Space Activities and Society

Following my partecipation to the meeting held in Torino, during the last IAF Congress, I was recently appointed as Member of the IAA Committee on Space Activities and Society, by the President of the International Academy of Astronautics, Dr. M I Yarymovych.

This appointment is a great honour for me, and I will do my best to be worth of it.

Since today, Technologies of the Frontier is to be considered as a site of the Committee, at disposal to guest all the informations related to the Committees activities.

I am aware, on the other side, that this informations can be of big interest for the users and supporters of Technologies of the Frontier, and represents a step in what we think to be the correct direction: to inform the Society on the discussion of the “Space Community”, and encourage a larger number of people (students, entrepreneurs, social operators, artists, communicators, journalists, etc...) to participate to this discussion.

Recently I presented a paper, which title is “Concepts for a World Space Program based in the Society”, to the 49th Congress of the IAF, to be held in Melbourne, in the autumn of this year.

Technologies of the Frontier is moving the first concrete steps, to bring in the Society the discussion about the Human development in the Space. The document is available, in English language, for the ones who will ask for it via e.mail, to the usual address.

Adriano Autino

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