Greater Earth Initiative

Campaing for the Greater Earth

Since its birthday, Technologies of the Frontier declared its support to the creation of a Movement, a big international Federation, among single people and organizations that, also with different philosophical characterizations, support the human adventure in the Space. We believed that a common new-humanist faith unified this kind of initiatives. We believed that, during these years, would be born many private initiatives toward the Space.

The facts begin to give us reason: they are borning, in fact, even in Europe, no more only in the United States, new organizations and associations which look forward to the Space. And the themes of the Space assume more importance, as the most sensible minds realize that Humanity has no alternmative way, but to continue its development in a new ecological niche.

The discussion that developed among Technologies of the Frontier, the OURS Foundation (CH) and the Space Age Associates (UK), leaded to the formulation of a philosophical-politic Manifesto (not yet delivered) and the creation of the concept of Greater Earth.

The Greater Earth (Terra Maggiore in Italian) is a planet very much greater than the actual Earth. With a diamtere of about 3 millions km, it extend itself up to the Lagrange liberation point and encompasses the Moon, the space, the energy and the resources that, with some approximation, passes trough the magnetic influence sphere of our planet.

The Greater Earth Initiative is aimed to establish the philosophical and ideological basis to affirm the right, for Humanity, to expand its activities in such a space territory, in order to solve the imperative of the survival as a sentient and civilized species.

After the 49th IAF Congress, in Melbourne, the Greater Earth initiative started a follow up of elaboration and growth. New friends joined to the initial project team. The purpose to design a Political Programme was formulated, and a new web site is now online:, which will report the Manifesto, all the ongoing activities and documents of the Greater Earth.

Subscription to the initiative is fully open. You just need to send an e.mail, by now. Later we will have automated forms for subscribptions and contributions, too.

The promoting partners of the Greater Earth are, nowaday:

  • Adriano Autino, Luisa Spairani (Italia)- Technologies of the Frontier
  • Marco C. Bernasconi (Confederation Helvetique) - Technologies of the Frontier
  • Michael Martin-Smith (United Kingdom) - The Space Age Associates
  • Arthur Woods (Confederation Helvetique) The OURS Foundation - Confederation Helvetique
  • Eagle Sarmont (USA) - 3Planetary
  • Patrick Collins (Japan) - SpaceFuture, NASDA, Spacetopia
  • Dale M. Gray (USA) - Idaho Regional Director-Historian Archaeological & Historical Services
  • Adelia Bertetto (Belgique) - European Commission
  • Andy Nimmo (United Kingdom) - Space Settlers
  • NOTE: the listed organizations are quoted only to specify the affiliations of the members, and don't mean necessarily that the organization itself subscribes to the Greater Earth.

  • We encourage the subscription to the Greater Earth of all the organizations and singles which share its goals and willing to contribute to its development!
  • Please read the Manifesto of the Greater Earth: we hope you will sign it up and/or comment it!
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