Dear Co-planetaries,

is writing to you an almost-flood-damaged president of TDF, until the charge of the portable PC will last, from the Piedmont of the 3rd millennium. The rain beats on the skylight of my studio, where I am writing, since three days without stopping. As you probably know from the daily-news, the Piedmont and the Aosta Valley (two regions in the North-West of Italy) are in a situation probably worse than 1994. One could think that 6 years, and a number of other floods, didn't teach us anything.

But it is enough to find myself without electrical power (thinking that it could not come back for some days) to understand how much we are precarious, on the surface of this planet. I have 4 TV-sets at home, and I don't know how many radios, but I can't listen to a daily-news: by candle light I'm looking for bacteries, don't know if I will find the proper ones. The steam does not work, and soon it will be cold. Even the telephone is knock out, because I have an ISDN line. The automated rolling shutters of the garages do not work, and so the electric gate: I have to mess about with the manual blocks, in order to go out by the car. And all this is nothing, compared to the ones that are on the roof of their home, waiting for an helicopter that will take them out of the rain.

A lot of considerations come to my mind, with the typical clarity of the emergency situations, when you are sure of what was to be done, and you ask yourself how it is possible that it was not done before. The same sureness they must surely have, during these hours, the loving peace people, both among the Israeli and Palestinians. They are surely calling themselves idiots, because they didn't develop a political action that allow everybody to live in peace and harmony, far away from the horrors that, once again, are bloodying their homes and roads: why did they let the extremists to prevail? Why they gave support to the ones that arrogantly clame to own the sole and only revealed truth? And why on earth we have let rule the ones that only were able to spend circumstance words and vane promises of help to the flood-damaged of the past, together with hazy promises to heal the territory? And why do we let the economic power in the hands of the ones that, each times that the economy seems to go better, clame an unsustainable protection money -- for instance raising out of all proportion the oil products prices -- with a depressive effect on the previously positive economic trend?

And why do we still allow a bunch of profiteers to make us believe that the only problem we have is the one to amuse ourselves and to talk by then different small telephons, while the nature put us on the knees by only three days of rain? Why don't we seriously think to the survival of our species, for instance by accelerating the space colonization program? I often thought, besides any other consideration, that a home in the space, able to move away if something is going to impact on it, based on sure and reliable technologies and systems, was very much more sure than a home on the surface of a planet. But, even on this ground, we leave the initiative in the hands of burocrats and profiteers, that see the space only as a repository of telecommunication satellites, and not as a development horizon. And why do we keep on allowing ranks of burocrats, greedy and devoid of fantasy, to stop the new strong industrial development that the human kind, in the middle of the electronic age, desperately needs? Why do we allow them to take our ideas, to realize them in some odd way, to squeeze them as lemmons for what they are able to pool, and then throw them away like trash? Why do we allow them to exalt by words the individual freedoms, but practically to crush the rights of the persons, first of all the most sacred of all: the possibility to live of own ideas, without being forced to fight with kicks and fists against others to get the light? It looks like an arena of gladiators, not a free market! In a really free market, it would not be necessary to get the favour of some powerful figure, in order to professionally survive!

And, all the ones that obstruct the growth and development process, do they never have dubts, do they never think that soon their leadership will take us in an abyss without an exit way?

If they would let a little bit the good willing people do, they will have nothing to be afraid of: we only ask them to open their systems, to share a little of their enourmous resources and let us work, without any revenge aim. We saw, nowaday, how the social movements based on hate and revenge will end, and we are not intersted at all!

Well (let's say so J ) TDF 3/2000 is issued in such a situation. And I ask myself if it is not the time to try to put us together, the persons who really wants the peace (not as a pause between two wars), that think that all the religions have something good, if they preach the love and respect for the neighbour. The ones that want the development, the space colonization and the healing of the ground. The persons that do not believe that the problems, even the ones probably caused by mankind, can be solved withdrawing ourselves and leting the nature do. The people who think to have responsibilities, sure, toward the planet that guests us, but first of all toward our own species, intended as ensemble of live and real persons.

Please, forgive the outlet of a nearly-flood-damaged. But think about it, however!

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Aim High! (and help us to aim high!)

Yours truly

Adriano Autino


AA - TDF 3/2000 - 15/10/2000