Dear Co-planetaries,

TDF 2/2000 is online, with a good number of news, all interesting.

While in Italy we just notice the start of the internet frontier, in the US the space frontier has begin, and there are nowadays dozens of private companies that work _for_the_frontier_, if not yet _on_the_frontier_. They develop products and services for the mercantile astronautics, for the terrestrial orbit or for the geo-lunar space. If you don’t believe please give a look to the Jim Benson’s article, online on TDF 2/2000.

Our glance lingers more than usual, this time, on the American society, but we have good reasons to do it. It is enough to take a round on the multitude of internet sites of pro-space organizations over ocean, to realize what I’m saying. The National Space Society informs us about the candidates to US presidence attitude toward the space frontier, and we made some considerations about ("A glance over Ocean"). PRO SPACE presents instead an advanced law design, proposed to the US Congress, proposing tax allowances for the companies that work on space. An article about prizes on space themes among youngs and students – abstract from the Mars Society newsletter – gives us the measure of how much was followed, in the USA, any initiative about space.

The picture is completed by an excellent article by Dale M. Gray, illustrating the weaving between the telecommunication frontier and the space frontier, with henerous excursus and comparison in the history of the american frontier of two centuries ago. We worked a lot to translate it in Italian language, but it is worth.

If America is before many lenghts wrt the old continent, something moves even at home, and is very encouraging. It was held in London, in april, the first meeting of all the UK pro-space organizations, targeted to create a kind of umbrella-organization, as they called it. A group that represents about 4000 people, more or less active in the support of human activities in space. One of the promoters of such initiative is our friend and Educational Director Michael Martin-Smith, that signs the reportage on the meeting now online.

After the recent regional electoral turn in Italy, I couldn’t avoid to say my opinion, and we have now an article making the point on the Italian political situation, from the point of view of an astronautic-humanist, of course. About this them, as ithers, I should like to know your opinion: our forums are there at this purpose, to record your comments, opinions, articles.

The editorial "The internet, the poet and the astronaut" comments some discussion themes, about the use of the technique, the ethics of the electronic age and the comparison between ecologist and humanist positions.

Last, but not least, a cultural theme proposed by Adelia Bertetto. Adelia presents to us the life and works of an austrian scientist, alive in the first half of the ‘900. A personality with a reputation, disciverer of some natural phenomena not yet explaned. The wide page that we took from this theme includes the Adelia’s article "Homage to Viktor Schauberger", a comment from me, and a series of links to sites of groups and single students which continue the very actual work of the austrian sceintist.

Aim High!

A. Autino

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