Newsletter TdF 3/99

Dear Co-Planetaries,

Half 1999 is gone, with is load of wars and political-electoral tiredness. While all the politic groups settle scores with their ideological and programmatic incipience, our only problem is the one to put in logic order the profusion of ideas and politic-philosophic proposals that flourish in the shadow of the TdF’s Shuttle. We are well aware that the best ideas, if don’t find organization, coordination and the right up to date means, will remain in the Hard Disks of their inventors. Or, worse, they can go out in pieces, distorted and made unusable, because developed in a not enough harmonic and coherent way.

Some events encourage us and make us proud. For instance the ESA-ESTEC, in an official paper titled "Why must Europe invest in Space – SP2000-may 1999", re-takes, almost with the same words of our Greater Earth Manifesto, the concept itself of Greater Earth. Of course, since neither the astronautic-humanists live of air (and in the empty of the space even the air has a cost! :-), we had not refused at all to be mentioned as the source of philosophic systematization of such a concept (the concept was firstly used by a USA journalist, then was imported to Europe by Arthur Woods). But, never mind: the important is that these ideas start to go around and that the ESA document has a little better space the Astronautics, instead of being fully flattened on the satellites (scientific and telecommunications).

In TdF 3/99 you will find, this time, less topical news, but a better project engagement, that reflects the set-up approved by the TdF’s seminar, held in June first weekend in Cigliano (Vercelli, Italia). Here’s the summary:

I also announce to you that, following the strategic set-up decided by the seminar, we are cooking a series of ‘products’ (education courses, publishing and others, of which you will find some anticipations at the page ‘The Project of TdF’), an adventure in which we think to involve you, in vest of producers, and/or commercial agents, and/or customers (the cultural distance between such figures is nowadays insignificant, as our social analysis detected).

And, before wishing you happy holidays, a recommendation: don’t miss to tune on, since now to September. A big initiative is taking course, something of really important, to be finalized in 2000!

Aim high!

Adriano Autino

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