Technologies of the Frontier - Newsletter 2/99


Dear Co-planetaries,

This number of Technologies of the Frontier reaches you while another war is going on. We didn’t yet finish to comment and analyze the Iraqi events, and already our consciences are sorely tried by a conflict in the heart of Europe.

It is like if the reality wanted to take us back, to a much more backward discussion, vs. the discussion we consider necessary and urgent. Some examples.

  1. We, fellow members of Technologies of the Frontier and of the Greater Earth Initiative, are taking care about a dignified future for all the living humanity. We think that the above is an elementary human right, nowadays so much evident and widely shared that all what We have to do is to discuss about the best and most suitable means to achieve it. It is suddenly remembered to us, by sounding progroms, deportations and bombs, that the political leaderships of this planet are far away from a global thinking, in the interest of Humanity. But they still, and exclusively, deal in favour of particular interests. Furthermore, they show an extreme negligence toward the life and dignity of millions people.
  2. We started a research work, to elaborate a political programme able to really open the Space Frontier to the Society, in order to make sure a new strong axis of economic development, for all the Terrestrials. At each step we find a question: who will pay? How to concentrate the needed funds? While we are attentively pondering how to collect private investments, in order to develop the technologies suitable to drastically lower the cost of the access to space, billions US$ are burned in a paroxysm of destruction.

I regard indispensable, during this long war-winter, that many free Terrestrials raise high their voices. Many free Terrestrials, not enslaved to the Clinton-thought, nor even less to the rests of Stalinism. Please, consider what follows as a contribution to the reflection. We will try, during next weeks, to prepare an editorial as much as possible analytic, even by means of your comments and judgements.

The costs of this war are many, and we will have evidence of them only when we will audit the accounts. Let’s speak, by now, only of the wartime costs, which we all will pay. We should not only take care of a cash problem, but for a much more heavy and enormous waste of resources. It is an extreme irony, if you like, that the champion of such waste philosophy is one, Mr. Clinton, that, 30 years ago, occupied the university campuses against the Vietnam War. One that, nowadays, serves those same power lobbies with a zeal worth of a better cause.

It was calculated that the war burns from 20 to 120 US$ millions per day. From 2 to 3 billions in one month, before counting what is destroyed in Serbia and Kosovo, a surely very much higher figure, of several magnitudes.

Think about this: if 3 US$ billions were targeted to a programme stimulating the economic growth in the Balkans Countries, opening banks (well secured, surely), developing MicroCredit systems (Yunus Grameen Bank style) and Venture Capital initiatives, starting a wide education plan, building schools, hospitals and other basic infrastructures, don’t you think that the grim Milosevic and his lackey Arkan will soon appear as neanderthalians vs. the homo (finally) sapiens? Their nationalist and liberticide doctrine would soon be wrecked in a sea of ridicolousness. In this case, yes, we would be honoured to follow the leadership of the United States, successors of Jefferson and standard bearers of the human rights. Pensateci, Americani (Think about it, American People).

But no: they preferred still to burn enormous resources and to keep on a style of earthly government based on terror. A style that only the mafiouses appreciate (as well Noam Chomsky stigmatized), because they acknowledge it similar to their own style.

I also afford to manifest a small appreciation for the political leadership of those Countries that, though lacking of the courage to say NO to the bully beyond Atlantic sheriff, concretely show the aim to change direction. I’m speaking about Italy, that receives since years refugees from Balkans and nowadays, notwithstanding its shaky economy, is engaged, more or less alone, in a wide plan of humanitarian help in the region. And I’m speaking about Germany that advanced a proposal for an economic development plan in the Balkan region. Pensateci, Europei (think about it, European People).


The number 2/99 of Technologies of the Frontier, now online, contains:

I wait for you numerous, free Terrestrials, Co-Planetaries. Let us listen to your voice and your friendship, on

Technologies of the Frontier open today even its discussion forum, where I look forward to read soon your contributions and your ideas for a real development alternative.

Adriano Autino

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