Newsletter TDF 1/2000:

The Vector V.TDF was founded!

by A. Autino

Dear Co-Planetaries,

Finally the first TDF number of the Year 2K is online, and it is a number very rich of articles and novelties!

The first news, very much important for us, concerns the foundation of the Vector "Technologies of the Frontier". The January 22nd 2000 the Founder Partners met together in a small hall of the Unione Hotel in Bellinzona and, during an afternoon of closed discussion, approved the Statute of the Vector. Vector (and not association) because TDF doesn’t aim to be static and petrified, but a mobile tool, a shuttle, able to carry us from a point A, where we are (a small voluntary organization, that’s working hard to make know its strongly innovative proposals) to a point B, where we will be able to act – professionally and at wide range – for the development of the space frontier and of the other frontiers of our world. The Statute of the V.TDF will be soon issued online, so that the ones willing to enter can take acknowledge of it. Follow some abstracts articles:
"Article 1. The Founder Partners constitute the "Technologies of Frontier" Vector (V.TDF in the following), as a cultural dynamic, philosophical and scientific vector, not for commerce, having primary aims to help the growth and development of Mankind beyond the bounds of our world and, particularly, to promote its spread into the extraterrestrial Space. The V.TDF defines it-self new-humanist and astronautic-humanist."
"Article 19. ENTERPRISE - Persons, Firms and Organizations that recognize them-selves in V.TDF philosophy are encouraged to cooperate in full freedom to realize projects, products and services that direct their true efforts over the frontiers, according to the spirit of Technologies of the Frontier, through ad hoc agreements, according to the needs of single projects."
"Article 20. STRATEGY - V.TDF points to be the web portal and the Vector through which other organizations of frontier find realization outlet for their projects. V.TDF gathers and selects ideas and plans, it analyzes their financing requirements and it proposes them to a great number of industrial, governmental and research structures for their realization. Through such strategy V.TDF aims to contribute to constitute a great astronautic-humanist movement, able to open for Humanity the high road to the stars."
9 Partners compose the Council of the V.TDF; the subscribers, through the Web, are already some tents. The bi-monthly newsletter reaches almost thousand people, part in Italy and part (the majority) in other Countries. The web magazine is bi-monthly, and relies upon precious collaborations from Europe, United States and Japan.

The second news, important both for topicality and for seriousness, concerns the possible meteoritic impact that could be the cause of the ice blocks falling since more than one week: "Is the ice form sky due to a meteoritic impact?"

The January 28th 2000 was held in Rome, as announced, the presentation of the book "Salto nello Spazio" by Michael Martin-Smith. Near hundred people present, in a small hall of the Empiria bookstore, the presentation raised a fired discussion around the theme of the human expansion in the space. Such fact testifies of the huge interest around such theme, as soon as it is proposed to the people’s discussion.

The TDF 1/2000 summary follows on with:

And it is not over: starting with this number, the TDF forum completely changes. The new forum is fully automated, and allows defining several forums. The poster will see his message immediately online, and can answer to existent messages or to open new threads.

Furthermore, it is being prepared, and will see the light very soon, a new news-column, dedicated to space, and Astronautics in particular. An information column, thus, that will be updated very frequently and will be edited by the journalist Giulio Gelibter (ANSA correspondent), which recently entered the TDF Council.

And (surprise, surpise!) there is another novelty, that you will see the next time you come to visit us at !

We promised you great novelties for the Y2K, and, by our side, we tried to do our best! Now it’s up to you: give us your support, and we will make still better!

Aim High!

Adriano Autino

TDF 1/2000-07

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