Space and WAR

by Adriano Autino

India started the game (or better the fireworks) with its five underground nuclear explosions. Afterwards we have seen a crescendo of wars flaring up and belligerent demonstrations: the five (or more) nuclear Pakistan’s explosions in reply to India (that are explanatory about Pakistan and India intentions), an endless explosion of ethnic madness in Kossovo, the Ethiopia and Eritrea war, the exacerbated dead lock situation where Israel and Palestine negotiation lies.

In the international scenario it worth to note some good news: the Irish vote for peace, or the ONU commitment against the world-wide drugs empire. Anyway the Global international scenario appears discouraging: it takes place against the background of a devastating arms growth rate for the first time, after the Wall break and the end of Cold War.

What happens in this world? Mankind - or its components that are culturally backward but still take under control the world direction of political initiatives - seems to be afraid of tasks and stimulating challenges that is facing up, and indeed mankind seems to prefer more traditional and known challenges: the old good territorial wars for economical supremacy, that win the first page on newspapers at least since the Homer’s epics . Now the emergent nations, not yet aware of ecological issues, are testing the effect of nuclear fears, maybe well-liked by some "advanced" Nation, as France, that three years ago has gratified us with very impressive fireworks in Mururoa.

All around the world how many satisfactions can Commanders and General staff experience (now as in the past): to wear combat asset, exhibit war simulators and overall they can look forward to attractive billionaire orders in connection with their supplier lobbies. An old good war is the economy engine, since the ancient times. When there is a war no complex calculations on return of investment are performed (budget cut will not be required as in the spatial research), everyone can spend forcing on rhetoric, and can foresee profits that will be guaranteed not only from investments but from illegal transactions with the desperation of involved people or local mafia organisations. An old good war where any crime can happen, also prized with medals as an usage of an anthropomorphic monkeys community where it is necessary to establish finally a reassuring hierarchies based on the arrogance of chief male. Even the world-wide technological vanguard could be substituted: from the current TV entertainment king towards another grimmer divinity; at the end also the railway system could benefit in term of safety (or punctuality)

But is this what we need? I’ll avoid to repeat obvious considerations on the advantages for a better destination of enormous capital up-to-now assigned to military scopes: I believe that the take-off or abort of new economies do not depend completely from invested capitals but from other categories, of psychological source, like enthusiasm or depression or the certainty that a so important return must delete any exercise for Return of Investment (ROI) calculation. The critical point of human development vs. terrestrial environmental constrictions (according to many researchers this is placed between few decades across the millennium) requires a deeply different approach, if mankind wants to have a minimum chance to surpass it. The need or, better, the imperative to go behind the Closed World and Limits to development paradigm (from Peccei’s concepts) can offer a chance to survive for our civilisation that transcends any the known experience: this requires the Political leaders should be more conscious and mature, from both cultural and scientific points of view. The political people that are required should be able to make intervention at 360 degrees and first of all should make pressures (heavily if necessary) both over emergent nations and advanced nations. They should explain that it is not the case to pursue in historically passed anthropological behaviours. Then they should be able to start the capitalisation of the enormous human fortune up-to-now ignored, vilified, offended and robed of tenuous hypothesis of future richness. A new economy will open e new wide territory: the Sphere of Gravitational influence (Greater Earth) with a radius 1.5 Million kilometres long.

Our dream is that prospective could be itself able to convert a lot of egoism’s in mature behaviours from anthropological point of view, according to the key thought that the availability of an enormous richness should lower, or make obsolete the trend of personal hoarding unless some psychotic cases. However we do not flatter ourselves that it will be a completely peaceful process: in order to understand the inside opportunities even when they are evident, it is necessary a certain quantity of cleverness and generosity, tools that are not generally present in the luggage of mafia and feudal power centres. Since they are individuals able to change their opinion, we hope that a lot of people will be lighted, but it is necessary that someone switches the light on, that is, a new political figure should be available for this task and still we hope that these big themes will be democratically confronted, as soon as possible.

Adriano Autino

[English version by Luisa Spairani]

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