The seminar of Technologies of the Frontier

The first seminar of the Editorial Staff of Technologies of the Frontier was held in Cigliano (Vercelli, Italia), at the Civic Library. The discussion, very close, covered four modules, during the whole Saturday June 5th and the morning of Sunday 6th. The discussion arose already during the introduction of the participants, and stated the aim to reach moments of better synthesis and thus higher propositivity of our program and our language: "Or we go into the Space or we loose the Planet", "Space as natural outlet for Humanity", "New Humanism: to become Citizens of the Planet Earth".

In his opening speech, Autino traced an analytic picture of the Society after the Electronic Revolution, in the post-industrial countries, with some hint to the pre-industrial societies: a society which keeps on ignoring its real richness, and risks the social regression, the end of the civilization itself, if it will be unable to go over the politic-philosophical paradigms of the Closed World and of the Scarce Resources Economy. A series of programmatic goals come from the analysis. The Editorial Staff of Technologies of the Frontier takes charge to develop such goals in the society.

The story-report of Bernasconi, very fascinating, starts with the fathers of the space flight: Ehricke, most of all, of who Marco draws the human portrait, besides the scientific one. A paradox: the Electronic Revolution made possible the space technologies but, at the same time, allowing the "automated" space exploration, it makes less urgent the advent of the Astronautics. The speech of the Scientific Director develops on some ethic themes, showing the imperative character of the astronautic choice. On such subject, even in opposition to some supporters of a claimed new ethics (as Prof. Lo, speaker at the recent ISST in Bremen ), which aims to border humanity in its mother-planet, in order to leave the rest of the Solar System uncontaminated, Robert Heinlein was mentioned: "Ethical is what helps the survival. A species that became extinct has no behaviour, not ethic nor anti-ethic".

Diana Baroni held her communication in the frame of the Contributions module: "The inequalities in the thought of Amartya Sen". The study of the work of Amartya Sen already showed itself very fruitful, for our goals. During the discussion followed to the Diana’s presentation relevant considerations emerged, crucial for our scientific-philosophic and epistemological research, as the following: "Economy means management of scarce resources. The opening of the Space Frontier replaces the concept of scarce resources with the one of limitless resources. Therefore the opening of the Space Frontier decrees the overcoming, without appeal, of all the politic-philosophic paradigms up to today known and used." Such an achievement represents maybe the most relevant theoretical moment of the seminar, that comes to reinforce the new paradigm under construction: a modern critics of the economy. Other relevant conceptualisations: "A more extended analysis method (vs. the only financial parameter), should encompass the capabilities, the functioning’s, the human person. This is important also in order to refute the positions of who opposes the Solar Power from Space on the basis of just financial criteria." "Our vision indicates the Space as a social development, before than an economic development."

Still in the frame of the Contributions module, Adriano Autino presented then his report, four hands written with Vittorio de Val (Laben, Alenia group) on the Availability and Safety of the Systems and Software. The report showed that the human survival in the space is fully dependent on the availability and safety of the technologic systems and, therefore, on the software, its operative intelligence. Paradoxically the availability doesn’t hold, as one could expect, a prime position in the systems design; on the contrary, it ends to cover the role of Cinderella. The engagement to develop the research on the A&S discipline is thus of high ethic profile, and urgent. The innovative contribution that Autino and De Val are aimed to develop concerns overall the analytical attention toward the human aspects of the system design and the relevance of the analytical method. The relevance of making questions, in order to clarify the communication content (as well as the requirements of a system), was reaffirmed even by the contribution on the communication, taken by Marco Bernasconi.

Discussing the ideological and strategically choices, in order to clear up the humanist choice (i.e. in favour of Humanity) and to define the non-sectarian character of such a choice, it was observed that TdF doesn’t aim to abolish any thought current, neither the ecologist one. We claim, instead, strongly, the right to exist for a new-humanist ideology. We believe that the dialectic between humanism and naturism (intended as the ideology that gives priority to the nature) could work as a new development engine, after the obsolescence of the dialectic between liberalism and collectivism. In such a new dialectic TdF makes a precise field choice: on the side of Humanity.

A relevant part of the seminar’s time was dedicated to the discussion on the strategies, on the products and on the research projects, that TdF approved and is aimed to pursue. Please take a look to the page "Il Progetto di TdF" , that the seminar finally allowed to take off the number of the under construction pages!.

Altogether from the seminar, and from the previous work made by the Editorial Staff, is emerging a group that starts to better share aims and methodologies. Very important was the chance to discuss together of the ideological and strategically choices. It is also to be noted, at this regard, that the most part of the members had for the first time the chance to know each other in person, after almost one year of e-mail collaboration! It was also approached to constitute Technologies of the Frontiers an Association: a more and more needed step, now that TdF takes more project features.

Among the initiatives approved by the seminar: a Symposium to be held next year, in collaboration with Gnomiz; the publication of a small book, illustrating our political-social analysis and our proposals; the publication of a n. 0 TdF paper a magazine, to be used also as a presentation brochure.

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