Greater Earth: the Promoters Group is growing up, and the Political Programme is borning

di Adriano Autino


Even though with all the limits and upsets, we report, after the 49th IAF Congress, a real advance of the Greater Earth programme. Maybe ourselves (Michael Martin-Smith and yours truly) we are a bit surprised by how our activities have, in the IAF Congress, a precise point of reference, that we exploit as a "gravitational launcher", as metaphoric planet that gives us a remarkable boost, on a yearly trajectory. We owe, teherefore, some thanks to the Astronautical Federation and to the Academy, even if sometimes we criticize some aspects (the scarce open to the Society, most of all): let's think how we all were culturally poorer and more isolated, if these institutions didn't exist. Part of our volounteer contribution must therefore be dedicated to mantain and develop these tools, those I dare define as very precious tools, belonging to the whole Humanity.

The choice, obstinately pursued by me and by Michael, to take anyway the Greater Earth Manifesto, printed in some thousand copies, to the Congress, showed its correctness. As it was reported by Michael in another article, we have nowaday some very promising new collaborations, and a refreshed interest by people which previuously communicated their interest to us. If the people whit whom we are starting the discussion will give us a positive feedback, the promoter group will extend on 3 continents: Europe, United States and Asia (Japan). This gives us the chance to go ahead, proposing, on the basis of the previous philosophical elaboration, the design of a Political Programme of the Greater Earth, which will encompass all the qualifying points, to be submitted to the Governments, to the UNO and, first of all, to the judgement, approval and support of the Civil Society.

Wath we take as very urgent, after the Melbourne Congress, is infact the birth of a Political Subject, able to take the task to create an Astronautical Humanist Ideology, strongly based in the Society. This goal can only be reached by developing, with patience and perseverance, a political initiative aimed to:

  1. Group togheter the many non-governmental organizations born in the USA, and now also in Europe, in a federative alliance, or cartel, able to quickly become a visible pole (like the big environmentalist organizations Green Peace and WWF);
  2. Develop the collaboration and the initiative inside the Institutions, of the Space Agencies, in order to transform them in political subjects, operative toward the Society, and nomore only toward the Governments;
  3. Develop the open action, of propaganda and involvment, toward all the social parts, entrepreneurs, communication and information, political and tradeunions, schools and education, to take the Human Space Enterprise at the best attention level.

Since our action moves from a most of all scientific engagement, we are less interested in the alchemies of chairs and alliances of the traditional politics, and we even not waste time discussing the absolute priority of the contents, i.e. the creation of a Programme, based on the philosophic and ethic principle that everybody can read in the Manifesto of the Greater Earth ( Of course, a Political Programme must be composed by few points very clear, able to immediately ignite the discussion, enetering in dialectic relationship with, and to give solutions to, the daily cares of the people: the job, the development, the economic growth, the investments and their return, the social conditions, the instruction and education of youths, the environment. Some examples: the creation of a World Space Fund and of new Credit Tools to manage long term space investments, to insert the Astronautical Disciplines in all the School National Programs, to allow people finalizing the 8 per 1000 of their taxis for the World Space Fund and for the Space Research.

Furthermore, our Programme has the aim to be world wide, thus to coniugate y์the needs of the most developed Countries with those of the Underprivileged Countries, assuring to evrybody a chance of growth and development. Hard to do? I don't think so: the Space is exactly the resource able to conciliate so different needs and to "square many circles". Our task will be to make it undertstand to the ones didn't yet realize it, bith inside and outside the Space Community.

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