Technologies of the Frontier: a first balance, after one year of activity

by Adriano Autino

Technologies of the Frontier was born, in september 1997, as a web site dedicated to the philosophic and technological deepening of the human activities on the Frontiers of our World. I had put online a collection of philosophic concepts, some articles of comment on scientific conferences dedicated to the future (e.g. the Congress "10 Nobel for the Future"), and a starting critics of all those positions which support the old and obsolete paradigm of the closed world (seeing our Planet as a "Cosmic Starship", ecologically closed) as it was conceived almost 30 years ago by the Club of Rome. A critics was also begun to the positions which give priority to save the Nature, against the Human Beings. In the same time I started to send an e-mail newsletter to a series of friends, which expressed appreciation for my initiative. Thanks also to some collaborations with news webzines (namely Gnomiz), the pages of TdF increased the number of visitors, even besides the expected rate. The site was based only on the volounteer work of yours truly, founder, and today president, of TdF and on the help of my wife.

A first turning point was, in the october 1997, the 48th world wide Congress of the International Astronautical Federation, held in Torino. There I meat dr. Michael Martin-Smith, president of the Space Age Associates, an english organization, with targets very similar to our ones, and dr. Marco C. Bernasconi, swiss, at that time vicepresident of the OURS Foundation, organization dedicated to the development of the Space Option and of the Astronautics as the only chance of development and survival for Humanity. A discussion via e-mail started then, and involved six researchers, futurologists and science philosophers (Italy, UK, Germany, Switzerland); TdF often gave reports about it. We discussed first on some concepts for a World Space Program, then on a collection of philosophic concepts, the basis for a new Development Philosophy of the Humanity. Such elaboration, finalized in june 1998, gave birth to the Manifesto of the Greater Earth, nowaday available, both online and printed on paper, for all willing to know its contents. The discussion approached, at 360 degress, all the themes fo the continuation of the human development, putting at the centre of the elaboration the living human beings, all, and their right to the future.

And in the summer 1998 TdF had another moment of remarkable development: Sergio Ferrari, in the name of PLION, offered the technical sponsorization to the magazine, guesting it on his network server, and entering our editorial staff as webmaster and responsible of the graphic maintenance. In the same period I received the offer of collaboration by Luisa Spairani (NetSurfing), which became the Editorial Secretary, and of Marco Bernasconi, which covered the role of Scientific Director. Recently, also Michael Martin-Smith (which collaborated since the beginning with TdF sending letters and articles) joined our editorial staff, with the role of Educational Director. Thus we have now a staff of 5 people, with a number of collaborations which keep on growing. All this, for a magazine that keeps on basing only on the volounteer work, and still doesn't have a lira of budget, it is not so bad!

Our participation to the 49th IAF Congress, in Melbourne, end of september, was another important step, for the development of an international network of links that could bring, even in few time, to build a world wide non-governmental organization, able to promote, at wide range, the Space Enterprise and the Astronautics as engines of a new Economy and a new Development, at all the levels of the Society, from the Education, to the Finance, to new tools of Credit and Bank Savings, suitable for the Management of long term Private Investments, to the possibility to finalize part of the tax incomes to a World Space Fund, to be created on the high patronage of the United Nations. Ambitious goals, for a small magazine, but doesn't frighten us at all. When the correct ideas exist, the only other required property is the perseverance. And we are sure that, sooner or later, we will pierce also the worn-out membrane of the traditional politics and information, becoming visible to the great pubblic, in order to solicit its judgement and active support!

Adriano Autino - President - Technologies of the Frontier


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