Echological crisis and crisis of the development: which "sustainable" development?

Our moves consume the planet
  • The limitation of the consumptions would dimish our freedom of movement
  • To give to our sons a bigger freedom of movement, not smaller
  • To decrease consumption and pollution, not the freedom of movement
  • The need to "pass with red"
Our information consumes the planet
  • A decrease of the information would carry to a barbarization of the society
  • To dimish the waste, to increase the information
The culture of the man kind consumes the planet
  • Culture = technology
  • The terrestrial "heaven" it is not for the sentient species
  • The justice it is not a wilde and spontaneous plant
  • The cultural growth needs the numerical growth
  • The natural, non sentient, animals, will never cause echological or resources crisis
Countries on the way of development... impossible


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