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SpaceShipOne is 3 years old !

June 21st 2004 SpaceShipOne re-opened the astronautic way, after 36 years!

Under the command of test pilot Mike Melvill, SpaceShipOne reached a record breaking altitude of 328,491 feet (approximately 62 miles or 100 km), making Melvill the first civilian to fly a spaceship out of the atmosphere and the first private pilot to earn astronaut wings.

June 21st 2004 will be remembered in the history as an important date, at least as much important as the ones of the historical flights made by the Wright brothers, and Charles Lindbergh, around one century ago.

And, 3 years later, this is still the most important and most hopeful news. Think about it.


Mike Melvill on SpaceShipOne after re-entry

Paul, Burt and Mike holding the Guinness record.

Paul Allen, Burt Rutan and Mike Melvill holding the Guinness record

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