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Hotel Villa Carlotta 

Via Sempione 121/125 - 28832 BELGIRATE (VB) PIEMONTE

tel.: +39.0322.76461 

fax.: +39.0322.76705

Hotel Villa Carlotta: where it is


VAUCHER FOR FOOD  for 1 person (June 7th 2008):   € 45,00

the vaucher includes:

  • lunch (on the terace in front of the Lake)

  • 2 coffe breaks

ROOMS RESERVATION                       

  • (A) double room with breakfast (per person):                € 50,00         

  • (B) single room with breakfast (per person):                 € 75,00        

STUDENTS ROOMS RESERVATION                       

  • (C) in double or triple room with breakfast (per person): € 40,00         

DINNER (all solutions, per person):                                   € 20,00 

  Please send an email or a fax to the hotel Villa Carlotta, specifying:

  • type of room (A, B or C)

  • lunch vaucher

  • IMPORTANT - In your email or fax please state clearly: 

    • Tecnologie di Frontiera 2nd International Convention 

    • the hotel is a éééé one: we  can profit of the above special tariffs only for the TDF Convention 

Hotel Villa Carlotta: where it is

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