After the 1st convention of Technologies of the Frontier. 

A vulcano of ideas, but we have to find more support!

A new space community get knowledge of itself!  by A. Autino
Photo gallery - Views of the Convention
Acta of the Convention (order the ACTA DVD on the TDF e-shop

The newborn TDF Scientific Committee is planning great projects  (in progress)
The Convention Home Page (abstract, agenda, abstracts of the speechs)
A. Autino during his introductory speech: the view at the top of the gravitational well vs. the view at the bottom of the well.
Dr. Collins illustrates one of his favorite concepts: the aviation approach to space.
Prof. Genta discusses the beginning of a space faring civilization..
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 [002.AA.TDF.2006 - 15.04.2006]