Conditions of Copy Right of Technologies of the Frontier 

In general the link or the republication of materials is allowed, without previous agreement with the direction of TdF, at the followings conditions: 

  • The materials reside on our site (root of the URL, and not on other linked sites (in such case please refer to the CopyRight conditions of the linked site). 

  • The use of the materials is not for profit, neither direct neither indirect. 

  • The author is clearly quoted, as well as the site and our complete denomination "Technologies of the Frontier" (expecially in case of republication). 

  • The article is carefully reproduced, without any distorsion of meaning.

  • If partially reproduced, the article is equipped with the proper link, allowing the readers to read the whole text. 

In any case, if you link or republish an our article, we are very much interested, and the thing makes us a lot of pleasure! (Our vanity is second only to our conceitedness... : -)). Then please let us know it: it is free of charge. 

If you aim to use the materials published on TdF for profit, we beg you to contact us, in order to negotiate a commercial agreement. 

Furthermore if, in your normal routine, you pay a fee to the authors of the published articles, please don't exclude TdF from such a nice routine! 


We well know that to protect the ideas is very difficult, not having huge capitals. 

An ethical behavior, instead, is always possibile. 

Thus, if by chance you have drawn from our site some idea that revealed itself profitable, and that helped you in the difficulty task to make the budget to square (maybe only allowing you to cut a fine figure with some your client), meanwhile it would be great for us to know it! 

Secondly, if indeed our ideas were transformed -- thanks to your commercial ingeniousness -- in positive variations in the database records of your bank, where your name appears under the key" Client", remember please that we also live of... banking bits! We would not mind having a small share (to your discretion) of what you drawn. 

If you are people inclined to an ethical behavior, the above certainly sounds reasonable to you: the message addressed to you ends here. We wait for your e-mail, and maybe it would be the beginning of a honest and profitable collaboration. 

For the cynic businessmen 

If instead you are a cynical ruthless businessman, and you let nothing stand in your way, please think that, in lack of some return, one day we could also be forced to stop publishing our ideas on the web, and you would find yourself so deprived of a source that was of some utilities for you. 

Please re-think besides, when you became cynical: was it not after that series of colossal rip-offs? Then you thought: "since now I make myself cunning, and I will no-more give anything to anybody!". 

OK, but however please consider that we put online our writings, without asking anything to you before, therefore we are not in the position "to give you cheats", for the simple fact that you already had "the goods". 

If you lost the ability to assess your interlocutors, distinguishing who really gives something from who only sells fried air, pay attention: you passed on the other side, you are behaving exactly as those people that, one day, hurted you deeply, and that you despised (and even, in your possible schizophrenia, you maybe keep on despising!), and you are contributing to increase the not ethic component of this planet (and this increases by now the probabilities' of extinction of all the mankind)! 

Then write us: we are sure that, together, we can find collaboration solutions that will bring to greater and honest advantages for both of us!

The Direction