UK's careful approach to Human Space Flight - M. Martin-Smith
Mother Earth is in labour - Siegfried W. Bok
A survey by IAA: Space Expectations - Arthur Woods
U.N. approves the Moratorium on the Death Penalty - A. Autino
Asteroid 2007 WD5 to strike Mars on January 30, 2008 - A. Autino
Il Giudice di Firenze sconfessa la legge 40 sulla procreazione assistita - A. Autino

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UK's careful approach to Human Space Flight 

by Michael Martin-Smith 

There is not yet an official move towards a UK spaceflight or astronaut corps, although there is an active campaign for this. There is a possibility of a small UK space launcher( 500KG) and a lunar penetrator probe, for seismology and examination of the crust underneath the regolith. It is not clear how much money our Government is thinking of spending - but, on past form, it will be very little -probably not enough to give a good technical result. The British Interplanetary Society is calling for a small permanent astronaut corps of perhaps four people; two would fly two missions every 4-5 years, on the ISS, (one astronaut, one as back-up, x 2). Each would be ferried up by Russian Soyuz. The whole programme would cost £10 millions ( about 14-15 millions Euros) per year. This is less than many TV programmes now cost. The astronauts would have two jobs:

1/doing science/medical/ technological studies in Space for universities and industry. 

2/ act as educational ambassadors and role models in Britain's schools. They would deliberately seek and use "celebrity status" to inspire youngsters to study the sciences and as a counterweight to show biz, pop and sporting stars, who are often not very admirable!

Our Government and Civil Service have for >30 years had a complete phobia about human spaceflight- they are terrified that it will run out of control and lead to huge costs in areas they do not fully understand! Legal black holes are different, of course - most politicians are also lawyers. However, even they are realising that science education is vital in our schools if we are to have a society in which their own children could feel at home, and also that human spaceflight, so far from dying out, is being developed by many more nations, with whom we have to compete for jobs, resources and wealth creation. So they may prove receptive to the idea of UKSpace activity, and astronauts as Educational ambassadors and role models. There is also the ESA Aurora programme, to which we are signed up; but it is obvious that, to gain from this, we must have a human presence. There can be little space education without a meaningful Space Programme So, maybe, there is a chance for progress- but we are not too sure; there have been so many disappointments in this area in England. 
We must hope that, like Odysseus, we have at last found a Trojan Horse... 

Mother Earth is in labour

By Siegfried Willem Bok  

Subtitle : The key of eternal life : Recycling. 

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For the second time I send a worldwide summons about the end of time for everyone who will hear. 
The first one was presented in 2002 after the first official announcement of the global warming and merely sends to scientists. 
Now I send it to everybody, because it proved itself to be correct! 
It is a subject for general interest and/or a common good to know! 
Mother Earth is in labour and will deliver life soon. 

Ancient Knowing 
I know it, it looks ridiculous. 
It looks too absurd for words, but it is the truth and nothing more than the truth. 
I tell the story, but nothing is mine. 
I re-found the truth at the end of our days by combining all data of others scientists. 
It is exactly how it is mentioned in the Bible. 
It was known already more than 6000 years ago! 
I received it by coincidence. 
I received it as a thief in the night owing to a basic study on behaviours of cells in order to get an insight in cancer-development. 
Yes it looks to absurd for words, but - however all scientists all over the world condemned me for it - the origin of cancer was known already 6000 years ago and let us as being ‘a phase of recycling’. 
The key of eternal life is recycling of waste at the end of expansion of the Universe. 
Life on planets is only part of this recycling in order to guarantee eternal life. 
This ancient know-how was let us in a simple symbol: the pentagram of life. 
It stated : 
- All cycles in the Universe are equal ones, because they are all born out of each other. 
- Only the biggest [the Universe] and the smallest [atom] found the way to eternity. 
- All happens at the same time. 

Since about 10 years I tried to reach scientists all over the world about their own discoveries. 
I did not prove anything myself, but only linked all data of others together! 
I linked them during many decades, because all different scientific disciplines fail in real collaboration. 

I re-found the truth only because I found the origin of uncontrolled growth : Cancer. 
It was found to be recycling of internal waste [1985]. 
I re-found the truth by studying, cultures which all started recycling at the end of their days. 
Recently one found this process of recycling also in our Universe : recycling of waste named "The Milky Way". 
This cosmic recycling induces a repetitive efflux of energy, which induce cosmic waves of electromagnetic energy! 
This efflux of energy ordains life on our planet completely and owing to this cultures come and go! 
This process of recycling of waste happend only during the last six cosmic days of evolution on all different levels of cosmic cycles. 
It is a very complex process which finally leads to a so called “cosmic heartbeat’’.
It is an evolutionary process itself and reaches its maximum at the end of 2012! 
Owing to this recycling our part of the Universe grow to energetic equality to the recently found black hole. 
Hundreds or even thousand evidences were found and only proved this ancient inheritance.
Recently it was even found that this evolutionary process also takes place in an electron at the end of its elliptic cycle around its neutron. 
In there it ends with a micro Big Bang after which it follows its way of eternal movement. 
Isn’t it unbelievable? 
Isn’t it unbelievable that the Bible let us ‘ Burning in Uranus at the end of our days’?

Again I repeat. 
Nothing of this re-found wisdom is mine! 
Genesis is nothing more than a huge pregnancy under the atmospheric coat of Mother Earth. 
This Genesis of life is now in labour. 
That is the global warming. 
That is the restlessness of our climate. 
That is our restlessness as well! 

The whole Bible is nothing more than a scientific story about the cycle of evolution. 
Even God is a compilation of Sanskrit symbols of Universal cycles : Universal cycles that we should re-find at the end of our days by search or re-search! 
It's therefore that this book of wisdom promissed us “It will lie raw on everyone's stomach”! 

Again I repeat! 
Nothing is mine, because I only linked scientific data! 

Is there anybody who will hear me or is everybody seeing blind and hearing deaf, like it was predicted also! 
Please, open your eyes! 
You can see it yourself! 
You can see it yourself and make your own conclusions!

Siegfried Bok. 

p.s. Whenever for you it is worthwhile to know please send this message to your friends, local journals or even scientific institutes. 
I ask this because journalism is censured worldwide completely by the leading cartels! 
Isn’t it everyones interest?

A survey by International Academy of Astronautics: Space Expectations

by Arthur Woods 

We have launched a survey called "Space Expectations" which you can see at:

We believe this tool will be really useful in ascertaining the public's expectations of space activities as well as raising awareness - especially in schools and universities.

U.N. approves the Moratorium on the Death Penalty

by A. Autino

"GENERAL ASSEMBLY ADOPTS LANDMARK TEXT CALLING FOR MORATORIUM ON DEATH PENALTY". This is the title of the General Assembly - GA/10678 - Sixty-second General Assembly, Plenary 76th & 77th Meetings (AM & PM), held December the 18th 2007 on the UN web site. The resolution was passed by a vote of 104 in favour to 54 against, with 29 abstentions.

This is a great result, for which TDF claim to have given its small contribute!

Humanity shall go on toward a full human status, leaving at its shoulder the ferocious animal heritage: murder, however justified, is the first behaviour to leave back, into the history books. Murder is the real social poison. Let's go on on this way!  

Asteroid 2007 WD5 to strike Mars on January 30, 2008

by A. Autino

Dec. 21, 2007: Astronomers funded by NASA are monitoring the trajectory of an asteroid named 2007 WD5 that is expected to cross the orbital path of Mars early next year. Calculations by NASA's Near-Earth Object Office at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory indicate that the 164-ft wide asteroid may pass within 30,000 miles of Mars at about 6 a.m. EST on Jan. 30, 2008.

"Right now asteroid 2007 WD5 is about half-way between the Earth and Mars and closing the distance [to Mars] at a speed of about 27,900 miles per hour," said Don Yeomans, manager of the Near Earth Object Office at JPL.

Above: This artist rendering uses an arrow to show the predicted path of the asteroid on Jan. 30, 2008. The orange swath indicates the area it is expected to pass through. Mars may or may not be in the asteroid's path. Image credit: NASA/JPL. [animation]

There is a 1-in-75 chance of 2007 WD5 hitting Mars; researchers can't be more confident than that because of uncertainties in the asteroid's orbit. If this unlikely event were to occur, however, the strike would happen somewhere within a broad swath across the planet north of where the Opportunity rover is.

Read the whole story on the NASA's site.

Il Giudice di Firenze sconfessa la legge 40 sulla procreazione assistita

di A. Autino

Due giudici hanno pronunciato sentenze contro la legge 40. La legge 40, per chi non lo ricordasse, è un assurdo retaggio antiscientifico medievale, che vieta la sperimentazione sugli embrioni e qualsiasi precauzione contro possibili malformazioni e malattie genetiche. Il referendum abrogativo non raggiunse il quorum, grazie ad un'intollerabile campagna astensionista della Chiesa Cattolica, e grazie alla legge di questo paese, che stabilisce un quorum del 51 per cento degli aventi diritto al voto. Queste sentenze riavvicinano il nostro paese all'Europa.  

Fecondazione, un’altra sentenza demolisce la legge 40 - Dopo Cagliari, Firenze. Un giudice, Isabella Mariani, accoglie il ricorso di una coppia alla quale è stata negata una diagnosi pre-impianto in presenza di un alto rischio di trasmissione di una grave malattia genetica.

Legge 40/04, Berardo-Gallo: “Dalla giurisprudenza il superamento delle linee guida. Ora il ministro Turco non aspetti oltre”

Poretti: Diagnosi preimpianto e Legge 40 illegittima? Mancano 9 giorni alla scadenza delle famigerate linee guida. Il Ministro ha il dovere politico di modificarle.

[007.VARI.TDF.2007 - 07.12.2007]