(Earth is not sick: she's pregnant!)

by Adriano Autino


'Drilling up' into space for energy - Adriano Autino

Amnesty against repression in Myanmar - Adriano Autino

Lunar Base Construction - L. Kellogg

A permanent Russian Moon base by 2025 - L. Kellogg

Time enough for love - Lives of Lazarus Long - L. Kellogg

Lunar Commercial Workshop - L. Kellogg

AstroEv 22 -- Euro Space Policy: slow ahead - S. Ashworth

AstroEv 23 -- Endorsment of the UK in space - S. Ashworth

181 Things to do on the Moon - L. Kellogg  

Prof. Koelle and others on the Lunar development - L. Kellogg 

NASA plans a Lunar Base in 2020 - L. Kellogg 

Nobel for Peace 2006 to Muhammad Yunus! - Autino, Baroni

Hawking: space, essential to survive - A. Autino


TDF 2007

Newsletter 2007 - Colonize the Near Earth Space - A. Autino


Service: Climate Change: real threat or political bugbear?  - Zappalà, Autino, Cavallo, Spairani, Martin-Smith, and others


Climate Changes and the Limits of Science - Vincenzo Zappalà


Global Warming or Global Stunning? - A. Autino


Solar Energy from Space: a good reason to start colonization of nearer space - A. Cavallo


Venezia and the Future of Science - Reportage by L. Spairani


The Dalai Lama in Italy - A. Cavallo


Interview to Martelli - by L. Spairani


Interview to Tester - di L. Spairani

Interview (audio mp3 - 1.4 Mb)


Notes from the Festival of Science of Genova - L. Spairani 


In memory of Joe Zawinul - A. Autino 


TDF 2 2006

Newsletter 2-2006 - For the human Right to Space Travel! - A. Autino

Media report that one only planer is nomore enough for our development. The sharp dicotomy between economic development and the danger represented by the development for our mother planet, should be evident. One only option can reconcile the two needs: space!

Space Ecomony - F. Pallavicini and L. Spairani interview prof. Giovanni F. Bignami

During "The Future of Science" conference held in Venice last September we collected Giovanni Bignami opinion on Space Economy and the role of private enterprises and Space Agencies in its development. (Italian Language)

Space is the answer to the resource crisis - A. Cavallo

The real crisis, of which the conflict between West and Islam is only one item, concerns the availability of the resources needed for a dignituous life, for the whole humankind. Space is not a cost, but a resource, rather, the solution of the problem: less weapons, more spacecrafts!

For a politics of support to Space Economy - A. Autino

Who made an ethical choice in favour of humankind, and takes priority the rights and the interests of every one of the almost seven billion humans living on Earth, should support a programme to drive resources for a real spce development policy.

The future of Science: Evolution - Reportage by L. Spairani

In Venezia from September 21st to 23rd 2006, the second session of  “The future of Science” conference was held, near the Cini Foundation. The topic was Evolution. Evolution is key in astrophisics, in genetics, in  philosophy and psichology. It concerns ourselves, our future and our role in the Universe.

Some Precedents for a Constitutional Right to Space Travel - P. Collins

The enshrinement of the human right to travel in space in constitutions which we are proposing is not an infringement on any existing rights, but a restatement of the status quo from the individual's point of view. The new clause should be welcomed by all who are concerned to achieve the greatest economic and social freedom within a just framework of law.

Creating a solar civilization - Kim Pearth

Our planet is a rare oasis, where life thrives and the human species emerged to explore the stars. It seems a safe place for life, but is a deceptive appearence. We know better now than to pretend that we are safe in our Earthly nest from natural disasters and extinction level events.

The Gaetano A. Crocco's grand tour goes on - L. Spairani

Gen. Gaetano Arturo Crocco, during the VII IAF Congress in Rome – September 1956, gave a paper titled: "One-Year Exploration-Trip Earth-Mars-Venus-Earth", where he enunciates, among others, the concept of teh "cosmic highways", 40 year in advance!!

Don't come knocking” by Wim Wenders - Review by A. Autino

An old car, techonlogic icon, is a medium for the ransom both of the parents and of the children. it is always worth to undertake a trip, though late, and it is always worth to face human relationships, though difficult and stormy. And to pass to our children, true or probable, by blood or by culture, good technological inheritance and good ideas to be developed.

The new man is born, and is fractal - G. Gelibter interviews Mandelbrot 

The New Man is among us: is the new fractal generation. Professor Benoit Mandelbrot, one of the great forerunners in the Caos jungle, announce it. He's the father of that dizzy fractal thought that, using the computer power, goes over the Euclidian geometry. (Italian language)

The Chinese Space Race - J. D. Cordero 

For decades the most populous nation of the world lived in an auto-imposed isolation, but now it came up to challenge the world as a big power. The Cold War brought men on the moon. Now the space competition is to get the military  advantage on the "higher ground." But not only. 


2nd Convention of TDF: the Papers 

2nd Convention of TDF: a brief report - A. Autino 

TECNOMAGIA - A. Cavallo (on Eurinome)

We thought that the XXI century was science- fiction, but it is fantasy...

Safety, safety! - A. Autino 

2nd Convention of TDF: a great announcement will be disclosed the June 7th! - A. Autino 


UK's careful approach to Human Space Flight - M. Martin-Smith

Mother Earth is in labour - Siegfried W. Bok

A survey by IAA: Space Expectations - Arthur Woods

U.N. approves the Moratorium on the Death Penalty - A. Autino

Asteroid 2007 WD5 to strike Mars on January 30, 2008 - A. Autino

The Judge of Firenze impeaches the Law 40 on the assisted reproduction - A. Autino



Space is the answer to the resource crisis - A. Cavallo

Creating a solar civilization - Kim Pearth

The Chinese Space Race - J. D. Cordero

An Italian space vehicle of new conception - A. Autino

A New Solar System - M. Martin-Smith 

A Stairway to Heaven - Michael Martin-Smith

We want to be free, in an open world! - P.Q. Collins

A People's Space Programme - M. Martin-Smith

New frontiers of tourism: space - P. Polignano

Yes, we'll have space hotels in 2030! - P. Collins

The ideological failure of Space Agencies - A. Autino

SpaceShipOne re-opened the way, after 36 years! - A. Autino 

X Prize and Mercantile Astronautics - M. Martin-Smith

Earth is not a Starship! - A. Autino


Precedents for a Right to Space Travel - P. Collins

For a politics of support to Space Economy - A. Autino

For the human Right to Space Travel! - A. Autino

Oil transition: from resource to burden - A. Cavallo

Europe, Democracy and Freedom - A. Autino

The value of human life - A. Autino

The tyranny of oil - A. Autino

A space age or a (new) stone age - A. Autino

A corpse is not a good customer! - A. Autino

Civilization caught between Mars and Parmalat - A. Autino

Mars, and the Moon - A. Autino

Which language will our European children speak? - A. Autino

8x1000 to scientific search - A. Autino

To learn from tragedies - M. Martin-Smith


The Gaetano A. Crocco's grand tour goes on - L. Spairani

Nuclear fusion: the state of the art - F. Pallavicini

Quantum Computers - L. Spairani

Earth is not sick:  She's... pregnant! - A. Autino

Mother Earth and the Butterfly - M. Martin-Smith

The Pregnant Mother Earth's web home

600 billion humans! - Ken Larsen 

Gaian Science, Gaian Philosophy, Gaian Spirituality and the Rainbow Way - David L. Buth

Reflections in margin to the reading of the Robert M. Pirsig's essay-novels - A. Autino

"The Copernican Evidence  - Requirements for a Space Age Philosophy" -  A. Autino 

The Catholic creed prizes the sacrifice, the Protestant one prizes the success - Diana Baroni

Is it possible a fruitful interface between the Latin-Catholic cultures and the Anglophon-Protestant ones? - A. Autino

Stories: "An autumn evening" - A. Autino

Astronautical Evolution - Stephen Ashworth

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TDF 2 2006


“The Constitution recognises the inalienable right of every inhabitant of Earth to travel from Earth to Space, to the Moon and to any celestial body, as well as to return to his or her own country or other countries on the Earth, while preserving all of their rights as a terrestrial citizen. 

The Constitution promotes the development of all the conditions necessary to make such a right effective."




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