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The transition of oil: from resource to burden for Civilization - by Alberto Cavallo

Nuclear Fusion, the state of the art - by Franco Pallavicini [Italian language]

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 A working model of the Watt's machine

We open with this page a reflection on the topic of energy, a regular column, on the next numbers of TDF. Our aim is to review the different energy threads, analyzing their potentialities, the economicity, the environmental encumbrance and the functionalities, with respect to the unbreakable – for us astro-humanists – goals of continuation of the Civilization development. 

In this number, TDF 3/2005, we present two monographic articles. 

The first one is a punctual analysis of the oil thread, signed by Alberto Cavallo. Alberto studies the problem both from the economic and the political points of view, not neglecting the aspect of heavy environmental encumbrance, represented by the guilty stubborn repeated use of such source, still seen, by the planetary deciders, as the main one, if not the only one. The article is enlightening indeed, for so many aspects. For a long time we didn't read such a shiny dissertation and logic, on what, in other articles on this magazine, we defined the "Tyranny of Oil".

In his conclusive indications, Alberto touches besides the topic of the energy saving. On such point, of course, the discussion flamed up in the editorial staff. Such topic, in fact, cannot be approached as a strategy for the long-term solution of the energy problem. We owe to well specify it, though, however, this is not the orientation emerging from the Alberto’s article. Not for us, since we never hidded the head in the sands of this planet, and we clearly see as enormous amounts of solar energy terawatt flow just outside home, 1400 w/m2, continuous 24/24 hours, 7/7 days, on virtually boundless surfaces (vs. 700 scarce w/m2 of the earthling solar, in the regions and in the hours of greatest insolation, on limited surfaces). We should never get tired to write and to tell loud such numbers (even only as slogan, when there is no time for long dissertations), anywhere the energy topic is discussed. Because nobody but us is saying it. While many people talks about saving, in proper and unproper ways. Furthermore TDF, in its constitutive dna, repudiates any matter that can sound as "educational" (read = moralistic) towards the sovereign citizens, penalizing them and intimidating them in their choices and in their behaviors, while leaving the strong powers unmolested, as they were above any ethical concept (and how much need there is, instead, of a definite evolution on the level of Ethics, both in the market and in the politics!).

The second article, due to the careful and inquiring spirit of Franco Pallavicini, makes the point on the nuclear fusion. Starting with a rightful and very actual focus on the differences between fission and fusion, Franco supplies useful information, in comprehensible language also for the not experienced ones, around the situation of the research on the nuclear fusion. Such research seems to be greatly relaunched by the ITER project, that will take place in France, and by other smaller projects, like the IGNITOR research plant, that will likely be built in the area of Rondissone, at the doors of Torino.

Having myself followed more nearly the story of Ignitor (due to the geographical proximity, and also because some friends of me are personally involved in it), I can’t avoid to mention the deep incorrectness and intellectual dishonesty of the local environmentalist movement. They did everything in their possibility to misinform the people, willingly confusing the fission and the fusion concepts, and omitting the “small detail”, that IGNITOR would be a small research plant! IGNOTOR will thus be absolutely incapable even to utter those few emissions (fully harmless, even inferior to the level of natural radioactivity sent forth from Sun or from the ground in the certain zones) that a productive fusion plant would utter.

Franco specifies the importance of research plants, to develop the knowledge that will put us, in a not far future to use the nuclear fusion as energy thread. And I want to add, from my point of view of small entrepreneur, that projects of this kind can be a meaningful source of economic development for the Vercelli area, which is one of the lowest points in the desolating scenario of the so-called (and never enough charged, in its cultural perniciousness) industrial "soft landing".  

Adriano Autino

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