SPECIAL EDITION - July 8th 2005

Dear Astronaut Friends,

Firstly I want to express my nearness to the victims of the London bombing, their relatives and friends.

After New York, Madrid, and now London, it is urgent to aim higher, using our technologies, soundly indicating another way, to get energy, and to get a wider world, for all the Earthlings: Astronautics!

We, space supporters, are too shy. We have the true alternative to this mice trap, and we aren't able to communicate it to the large public opinion.

We shall have the courage to reverse the current paradigm:


they say that human science and technology grew up too much, while morals remained behind;


they say we wasted our planet;


they say that we shall make war to terrorism;


they think that we have no other ways than compete for the remaining (scarce) oil resources.

All the above is false. Things are quite different:


Our number grew up to 6.5 billions (this is our greatest richness!) in a closed system , and our science and technology are the only tools we can use to open the system and to get a wider world for all Earthlings.


Earth is not sick: she is pregnant of a Baby Solar Society!


Answering to war with war is only one of the options, and not the best one; our aristotelic philosophy forces us (westerns) to a very narrow behaviour: to make what our "enemy" wants or to make the opposite.


We have other options: to use our highest science and technology to start using the space power, the space resources, to open the world! Let's relaunch the earthling economy by giving birth to a true space economy! Let's promote life, instead of death! Terrorists will not have means to follow us on such path, and their youngs will follow us!!!

Please, please, wake up all of us!

And start telling the above to all people we know, on all newspapers, on all tv and radio media, because we have the answer, and we cannot keep on keeping it for ourselves!

Aim high!
Adriano Autino

Share your thoughts with us, about how better organize a world-wide campaign for the astronautic alternative!  

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