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Exploiting the Moon and saving the Earth - Jeff Foust

Bezos Space Project to develop RLVs - Mark Reiff

European Students in Space - Luisa Spairani [Italian language]

Astronautical Evolution - Stephen Ashworth

The Reactionary Utopian - Adelia Bertetto

The San Gennaro's Miracle: the opinion of CICAP  - Massimo Polidoro [Italian language]

The NASA's "Apollo 2.0" program - Mark Reiff

First World Conference on the Future of Science - Luisa Spairani

Requiem for the Future - Mark Reiff

Needed: Space-Age Approaches to Space - Mark Reiff

Astronautical Evolution - Stephen Ashworth

Benefits of International Cooperation in a Low Equatorial Orbit SPS Pilot Plant Demonstrator Project - Hideo Matsuoka & Patrick Collins

Workshop on Remote sensing and Environmental Hazard - July 7th-8th, 2005, Cagliari, Italy - Paolo Barattini

The top three reasons for humans in space - M. Huang

The death count continues to rise from both natural and man made disasters - L. Kellogg

The L5 Society would build a city in space built around the ideas of Professor Gerard K. O'Neill - L. Kellogg

Teets: America must reach for space dominance - L. Kellogg

Reply to James Van Allen on human spaceflight - A. Autino

"Space Tourism: Recent Progress and Future Prospects" - P. Q. Collins, 2004


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SPECIAL EDITION - July 8th 2005

PRESS RELEASE - July 12nd 2005

  Europe, Democracy and Freedom - A. Autino   

Voting NO to the European Constitution, the French and Dutch citizens expressed, simply, the failure of this constitution draft. Now we need a general referendum, contemporary in all the states of the Union, to allow the sovereign citizens to decide which type of constitution they wish, what type of Union, and what type of democracy. Let’s abolish the quorum on the referendum in Italy!


Gaian Science, Gaian Philosophy, Gaian Spirituality and the Rainbow Way - David L. Buth 

The Gaia Concept has been around for a while now...about 35,000 years! The idea that the earth is a living being is an old, old, old part of philosophy and religion. This new scientific concept of Gaia, Mother Earth, is really just the latest philosophical variation on a very old theme going back to carved ivory fertility goddesses of the old stone age or perhaps, even further back.


Mother Earth and the Butterfly - M. Martin-Smith  

Earth is not an island spaceship, but part of a Universal ecology. Like the
caterpillar, Man consumed all the terrestrial resources, then developed wings and capacity to fly in the cosmos. The sperm-like comets deposited seeds of life on Earth. Now Mother Earth, after a four billion years pregnancy, is  in labour, with delivery at hand.


We want to be free, in an open world! - P.Q. Collins  

The western political leaderships are made of old "cold warriors", unable to see how it would be very much more profitable to invest in a peaceful development of new markets, than to stick governing the world by military power. Space tourism and related industries the guide lines for a fully alternative policy.


600 billion humans! - Ken Larsen  

When a population reaches the edge of the carrying capacity of its environmental resources, the usual forms of population control are: disease, famine and violence. Now, our old genetic code and cultural memes threaten our destruction. Mutual respect, tolerance and completely letting go of past offenses are essential to our success. I believe the Earth is capable of sustaining 100 times as many humans as at present.


The value of human life  - A. Autino 

The true social poison is the murder, however justified.

We have a law, ancient of more than 3000 years, that says: "Do not kill". But it is not respected. Could the modern weapon systems behave according to the Asimov's three laws of robotics?


The Pregnant Mother Earth's web home  

This page is a workshop, that will be maintained updated, adding all the references found on the matter of Lady Earth's pregnancy.
We think that to spread this vision through the planet is very relevant and urgent: please help us!
Feel free to send us any link or reference to Pregnant Earth topics, articles and pages you may be aware of. Thank you very much!


Earth is not sick:  She's... pregnant! - A. Autino   

It is right to speak about the Tsunami that struck the Asian South East as an epoch-making event. It brings us to reason about the condition of extreme brittleness of us Humans, inhabitants the surface of a small planet in the midst of the Void. There are many different ways to react, according to the different metaphysics, nihilist on an extreme of the range, humanist on the other head. New-humanists propose a philosophical key of hope and active courage. 

A People's Space Programme - M. Martin-Smith 

Two space programmes are in operation. The "official" space programme , driven by science, and national prestige. The Second, the People's space programme, was launched by the late Gerard O'Neill, who proposed the construction of great cities in Space with thousands – eventually millions – of inhabitants.


To learn from tragedies - M. Martin-Smith 

If the epicentre of the Tsunami is out to sea, 1-2 hours or more can occur before it  arrives at beach. Seaquakes can be detected by seisomographs on the seabed. Ocean monitoring satellites, Topex and Seasat, can measure the height of ocean waves to a few centimetres. Research should be done on membrane osmotic systems, feeded by solar energy, to generate clean water on site. Maybe made work for space stations or Mars missions can help here?

THE SPACE SHOW - Sunday October 3 2004 - A. Autino was interviewed, live, by David Livingston, on the SPACE SHOW! - Listen to the interview

A space age or a (new) stone age - A. Autino   >>>

The theater of the conflict, today, extends beyond the Middle-East region. A great machine has recently turned on its motors: the industrial development of the biggest Asian Countries, China and India. In the face of such demands, the oil resources of the planet will really start to be scarce. This is the true challenge that the post-industrial West is facing.

The tyranny of oil - A. Autino   >>>

The speculative upsurge of the oil’ price, in this 2004 summer, subsequently shows the extreme criticality of the energy problem. All the experts foresee an increasing demand of energy and raw resources. It begins therefore to appear, in its whole dramaticity, the problem of the finiteness of the resources of our (by now unic) planet.   

A corpse is not a good customer! - A. Autino  >>>

It is this matter of killing that shall come to an end. The most technological nations of the planet are not still able to show their own superiority without killing. Now it is long enough. Mahatma Gandi didn't kill, yet he won. Gandi testified the moral reasons of his own people, and the nations that wanted to be democratically more advanced couldn't not to recognize them. 

New frontiers of tourism: the extraterrestrial space >>> - Pierluigi Polignano 

Shimizu Organization wants to build lunar laboratories and hotels using local raw materials. Nishimatsu Construction Corporation has planned to build a mega-resort, with the shape of three giant shells: Escargot City, snail city. Obayashi Corporation, on the contrary, is planning a self-sufficient lunar farm, able to host 10.000 people, with fields, gardens and orchards for the living.

Yes, we'll have space hotels in 2030! - Patrick Collins  >>>

The 2030 illustration was first published in 1999, so it's lost 5 years so far. But I still maintain it would be possible to achieve that result within 30 years of funding being seriously available to develop orbital passenger launch vehicles.

The great majority of the investment would come from the private sector, but in order to get started, governments should support the development of passenger launch vehicles.

The ideological failure of the Space Agencies - A. Autino  >>>

The european and US space agencies entered a status of vertical ideological crisis.The quality standards are esponentially growing up, but the quality of the space systems is continuously decreasing. And, since the Apollo mission to nowadays, the cost to orbit of one kg of terrestrial material didn't decrease of just one cent!...

The ethic responsibility of enterprise - L.Spairani >>> [Italian lang.]

Ethics of the enterprise and Kant, the ethic enterprise, the stakeholders. Etic and philosophic concepts (freedom, property,etc.) received a remarkable evolution,as well as the management rules of the enterprises. We study again the Kant's ethics, in order to find out the basics principles for designing an ethic enterprise, focused on men and women.

June 21st 2004:    SpaceShipOne Go, Go, Go!!!!

"We are heading to orbit sooner than you think," Burt Rutan said. "We do not intend to stay in low-earth orbit for decades. The next 25 years will be a wild ride. ... One that history will note was done for the benefit of everyone."

Thank you Burt! We, of Technologies of the Frontier, are with you and your colleagues, in this great, beautiful day. 

SpaceShipOne Makes History: First Private Manned Mission to Space - Press Release from Scaled Composites - 21 June 2004
SpaceShipOne re-opened the astronautic way, after 36 years! - A. Autino

A Great Day! - Michael Martin Smith

A triumph of ingenuity and willpower - Samuel M. Coniglio, IV

Proposal of law for 8x1000 to scientific search. >>>  [Italian lang.]

Different proposals of law, though uncomplete, lay in parliament since years. Why no party partito takes definitively this public initiative? Why is it not clear how a humanitarian and scientific institution can acceed to such an institute? It is time for a strong initiative for a popular law! 

TdF - Eurinome, minutes of meeting >>> [Italian language]

Ethics comes from reason, without missing respect to religions. And anybody claims to have the monopoly of the morals, thanks to his own religious creed, does anything but feed the devil of the "holy wars", sad patrimony of the  monoteistic world. To marry ethics and development, in the only environment that can allow our civilization to restart its growth: the extraterrestrial space. 

PAGES OF TDF 1/2004 :

Civilization caught between Mars and Parmalat

Will 2004 be the year of Astronautics? If yes, an Ethics of the free market could finally have birth, together with the space economy. 

Mars, and the Moon

The new US Space Program foresees a permanent base on the Moon within 10 years. For astronautic humanists, the first reaction to this news can only be a joyful one

The X Prize and Mercantile Astronautics

In 1996 a group of space academics and entrepreneurs - Pietro Diamandis and Gregg Maryniak - decided to start an historical enterprise.

An ordinary and ineffective dream

The Prodi's program for the european elections, "Europe, the dreamand the choices", flies low as the sustainable development philosophy, and reflects all the ideological poorness of the Left.

Which language will our European children speak?

How useful will be, for children that today are 5, 10, 13 years old, the ability to speak English like Italian? The answer is simple: it will be essential. But the education system keeps on taking English as a foreign language...

Reflections in margin to the reading of the Robert M. Pirsig's essay-novels [Italian language]

An unprecedented and uncomparable dynamic vision; which leads us to appreciate the pragmatism of the ones which are able to use even Aristotele in a non aristotelic way. And, not by case excel, unexpected, in the par excellence logic technology: software. 

Stories: "An autumn evening" [Italian language]

That evening I reentered from the job before the usual time: only seven thirty. A beautiful autumn sunset colored the west sky. The courtyard of my house was a picture of lights and shades, of gilded dusts and changing colors. So I didn't immediately notice the vehicle. 

Earth is not a Starship!

The most suggestive image, draft by the Club of Rome, was the one of our planet, seen as a spaceship, traveling the cosmos. That image became one of the pillars of the ecologist metaphysics, the so-called "sustainable development".


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[Hypersonic Scramjet  NASA / Ship-Asteroid
 (artistic views)]


Decline of the human civilization, crash of the economy, crisis of resources, environmental catastrophes, tiranny, wars, terrorism, ethic decay... Which are the worst conditions you can imagine? How can we avoid such a future?

[Two dramatic images of the social conflict followed to the economic decay in Argentina]