For a discussion on Ethics

A project of TdF, in collaboration with Andromeda s.r.l., in relation to the development of the Commercial Astronautics, and to the development of a really free terrestrial market. 

We begun the elaboration of a collection of ethical principles, targeted to accompany our walk of human Terrestrials, and of entrepreneurs. Our goal, while we decide to invest a part of our time in this task, are the following ones:

  • to improve our relationships with the others humans 

  • to improve the symbiotic relationship of our kind with the rest of nature. 

A collection of ethical principles differentiates itself from a legislative code, in first place, because it does not include any coercive nor punitive tool. Ethics deals with how to avoid damages to persons and proprieties, more than how to punish the culpables of damages. 

Therefore its goal is the one to provide an high cultural reference, that can be studied and used to solve relation problems that are complex, conflictual or potentially conflictual (= almost all the human relationships?... : -)). 

Follows a collection of writings, articles, historical and actual papers, that can be used for the discussion. 
We will keep this collection upgraded, as we will find/receive new references.

Title Authors

Signaller / Editor

La responsabilitÓ sociale ed etica di un'impresa L. Spairani <- 
L'intervista alla Prof.ssa M. Hack su Marte (lettera a Radio24) A. Autino <- 
Etica e scienza (lettera a Radio3) A. Autino <- 
Capitalismo ed etica del lavoro Debora Spini L. Spairani
Our principles (presentation of Andromeda) A. Autino <- 
The Unanimous Declaration of the Communities of Space Migrants Jerome Clayton Glenn & George S. Robinson Marco C. Bernasconi
A minimal constitutional condition Marco C. Bernasconi <- 
The Declaration of Indipendence of the United States of America (1776) Thomas Jefferson Marco C. Bernasconi
The privates at the conquire of Space [italian language] Guglielmo Piombini <- 
Voices.Neocommunitarianism Diana Baroni <- 
The nephew of Adam Smith [italian language] Corrado Ocone  Luisa Spairani
In order to begin a discussion about the 8 x 1000 of the tax incomes to the Scientific Research Adriano Autino <- 
The Nobel Prize for Economics to Amartya Sen, a Philosopher Economist Diana Baroni <- 
The poor people's banker - Muhammad Yunus (review) Diana Baroni <- 
Some comments on Jefferson and basic human rights [italian language] Adriano Autino <- 
Reply to A. Autino on Jefferson e basic human rights [italian language] Marco C. Bernasconi <- 
Looking for a modern antithesys of the word economy [italian language] Adriano Autino <- 
Economy = Management of scarce resources? [italian language] Marco C. Bernasconi <- 
Reply to Bernasconi on "Economy = Management of scarse Resources?" [italian language] Adriano Autino <- 
Left & Right - Introductory Remarks Marco C. Bernasconi <- 
Manifesto of the Greater Earth A. Autino, M.C.Bernasconi, D. Christlein, M. Martin-Smith, A. R. Woods, S. Ashworth <- 
Voices.Ethics Diana Baroni <-
Voices.Utilitarianism Diana Baroni <-
Essay on Availability and Safety of the Systems and of Software - The ethic rationals [Italian Language] A. Autino, V. De Val <-
A Code of Ethics and Standards for Lunar Development and Outer-Space Commerce David M Livingston Peter Wainwright (Space Future)
Lunar Ethics and Space Commercializatio David M Livingston Peter Wainwright (Space Future)
From Earth to Mars: A Cooperative Plan David M Livingston Peter Wainwright (Space Future)
The Ethical Commercialization of Outer Space David M Livingston Peter Wainwright (Space Future)

The Catholic creed prizes the sacrifice, the Protestant one prizes the success

Diana Baroni <-
Is it possible a fruitful interface between the Latin-Catholic cultures and the Anglophon-Protestant ones? Adriano Autino <- 
A millennium of growth of the Human Civilization Adriano Autino <- 
A challenge for the next century!  Trygve B. Bauge Marco C. Bernasconi
Migrations and Development in the Space Age Adriano Autino <- 
Labour and unemployment: a philosophical problem Adriano Autino <- 


If you want to send or signal to us articles, documents, messages on the topics of  ethics, free market, commercialization of the space, lists of company's principles ethically advanced, you can  write us an email, or post a message on the TdF forum.

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