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Development of the human civilization, economy, science, technology, politics, art, philosophy. What are the best conditions you can imagine? How can we reach there?

[Hypersonic Scramjet  NASA / Ship-Asteroid
 (artistic views)]


Decline of the human civilization, crash of the economy, crisis of resources, environmental catastrophes, tiranny, wars, terrorism, ethic decay... Which are the worst conditions you can imagine? How can we avoid such a future?

[Two dramatic images of the social conflict followed to the economic decay in Argentina]

Energy and blackout of the thought Newsletter 1/2003

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The first Chinese manned space mission.

Why is Science Fiction one-way dystopian? A very intriguing discussion, fired on the Space Future discussion list.

Why we choose to publish, in 2003, a 1994's article

More than 110 million Terrestrials demonstrated for peace. Let's break the monopolies! Let's privatize the oil sector!

The tragedy of the Shuttle Columbia 

Press Release of Technologies of the Frontier: "To continue the mission of the fallen Astronauts!"

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The STS-107 flight's crew

What should we do now?  (Questionnaire)

The full list of messages, and a press review about the after-shuttle strategy.(new links)

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Write to Pres. Bush, to support the human space flight! 

But the culture of the infanticide belongs to the monotheist world 

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Liberty is a powerful weapon or a modern one?

Middle East: crimes, wounds and therapy  

Article 18, a false problem

The culture of the safety

A not exhaustive calendar of the biggest disasters occurred since 1970 up to today

The Catholic creed prizes the sacrifice, the Protestant one prizes the success

Is it possible a fruitful interface between the Latin-Catholic cultures and the Anglophon-Protestant ones? 

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"Growing Popular Interest in Space Tourism: Challenge and Opportunity for Space Agencies" - P.Q. Collins (paper presented at IAF 54th Congress, Bremen 29/09 - 03/10 2003)

An essential "Project & Test Engineering Methodology" - A. Autino (paper presented at IAF 54th Congress, Bremen 29/09 - 03/10 2003)

Space Tourism Market Demand and the Transportation Infrastructure - P.Q. Collins (Paper presented at the AIAA's Wright Brothers Centenary Symposium "The Next 100 Years", Dayton, Ohio July 2003; on

Will we 'keep Malthus in his grave' through the Space Program? - Marsha G. Freeman on the 45th IAF Congress, held in Jerusalem, 1994

For a discussion on Ethics

The Copernican Evidence  - Requirements for a Space Age Philosophy" A. Autino (paper presented at the 53rd  IAF Congress- Houston october 2002)

Meeting the Needs of the New Millennium: Passenger Space Travel and World Economic Growth - P. Q. Collins (on

"Thin-Film Photoltaic Cells & Inflatable Structures" - Dr. Marco C. Bernasconi

Passenger Space Travel and World Economic Growth P. Q. Collins (on

QUESTIONNAIRE - The program that doesn't exist

Freedom for science! 8x1000 to the scientific research! Press Release  Manifesto

The ASI "Futuristic Space Technologies" Workshop - Trieste 6/7 May 2002

Interplanetary SuperHighways, Momentum Exchangers and other marvels

Briefs from the ESTEC Inflatables Workshop 21/22 May 2002 

The coming of the Merchant Astronautics - A. Autino [Italian language]

Is Technology the Limiting Factor for Implementing the Space Option? - Dr. Marco C. Bernasconi

Shuttle forever?


P. Collins - Success in sub-orbital space flights could make the difference
S. Ashworth - Will the X-Prize contenders really take us to orbit?
P. Q. Collins - Space Agencies Trapped in History
L. Spairani - Using Young People’s Curiosity about Space to Interest them in Science
A. Autino - The interview to  Prof. M. Hack on Marte (letter to Radio24) [Italian language]
A. Autino - Ethics and Science (letter to Radio3) [Italian lang.]
L. Spairani - Capitalism and Ethics of Labour [Italian language]
Larry Kellogg - China's Astronautic Program
A. Autino - Tunnel Supervision, Automation and Telecontrol System [Italian language]
19/03/2003 - Rino Falcone - Programme of the CNR Workshop [Italian language]
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M. Barbieri - The patents in the  biotechnologies field [Italian language]
05/03/2003 - Rino Falcone - Proposals of modifications to the Moratti's reform

M.C.Bernasconi and A. Autino in front of the International Space Station (mockup - Astrium Bremen)

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