A challenge for the next century!

Written & copyrighted 2000 & before by Trygve Bauge


On February the 28th, 2000, it was 100 years since the birth of my grand father Bredo Morstøl, presently in cryonic suspension in Nederland, Colorado. He has now been suspended for 10 years. On March the 6th, it will be 18 years since the death of Ayn Rand. And I publish this challenge in their memory.

The pursuit of life, liberty & property in the 21st century

A challenge to us all for the new millenium.

Written & copyrighted 2000 & before by Trygve Bauge.  Each article, paragraph, sentence & one liner copyrighted separately. All rights reserved, Copyfee charged. Patent protection claimed for all technological innovations. (For the full copyright statement for my material see: http://www.powertech.no/~trygveb/Copyright statement.html Though I have mailed out an article to specific recipients or posted it to specific letter circles or news groups my copyright does still apply as far as further distribution is concerned.)

  • The pursuit of individual life, entrepreneurial liberty & separate property in the new millenium.

  • I challenge you to make individual & cultural life-extension, your goal, philosophy, moral system, legal system, medical system, profession and way of life.

  • I challenge you to hold individual life-extension as the objective standard for a legal system.

  • I challenge you to create livable, affordable survival of nuclear, bacteriological & chemical warfare, and lesser dangers in the face of increasingly harmful dangers & weapons systems.

  • I challenge you to build life-extension centers, free ports & terrain integrated houses.

  • I challenge you to organize research parks, free travel & trade zones & partially sheltered infrastructure.

  • I challenge you to create medical treatments, constitutional charters & architectural designs.

  • I challenge you to focus on health care, individual rights & civil defense in the next century.

What large scale dangers will we be faced with in the rest of our lives?

  • Earthquakes like in Cobe?

  • Pollution like Bopal?

  • Nuclear accidents like Chernobyl?

  • Epidemics worst than Aids?

  • Local wars like the dozens that are present at any one time  & that over time seem to afflict all countries?

  • Traditional tribal wars like those on Balkan?

  • Despots like Hitler, Stalin & Mao?

  • Nuclear wars like Hiroshima?

  • World war III?

  • Asteroids like the one that killed the dinosaurs?

  • Smaller tin pot bureaucrats that do their best to violate life, liberty & property?

  • Weapons systems, government agents or natural catastrophies that leave little or no time to evacuate, or no place to hide?

What will we die from?

  • Cancer, hearth disease, other diseases, accidents, violence, wars or plain old age?

What can we do about it?

  • Each of us have on average less than 80 years to search for an even longer life. How can we make it easier to solve all the tasks that has to be solved to greatly extend the individual, optimal and average life-expectancies?

  • How can we better focus, set free and make the most of our most life-extending ambitions and efforts?

  • How can we create respect for the set of rights that if respected best enables anyone who cares to do one's best, to best extent one's own life?

  • How can anyone who cares to do so, make the most of entrepreneurial liberty, in the pursuit of one's own longevity?

Proposal: the global village project.

  • Let us create a global village, an international society, focused on life-extension, entrepreneurial liberty and private property.

  • Let us replace protectionism with Universal Liberty.

  • Let us enumerate entrepreneurial liberty as a set of universal unalienable rights, set forth in a constitution.

  • Let us create freeports where we enforce such a constitution.

  • Let us establish free travel & trade zones that are open for anyone.

  • Let us create a truly free society where anyone can arrive, stay, work, shop or leave at their own cost, without being prosessed, taxed or fined and without having to carry passports, visas, work permits or any physical identification what so ever.

  • Let us create a society where compulsory schooling; drafts; customs; passport, visa & green card requirements; censorship; zoning laws & taxes;- all are punishable felonies.

  • Let us privatize society, let us depoliticize most decisions, so that these become a question not of power or vote, but of what individual has the right to decide for itself.

  • Let us replace zoning laws with respect for private property.

  • Let us build our societies as compact villages, where one can work, live, shop and recreate all within walking distance of one another.

  • Let us build fire proof and sound insulated private spheres, within each the individual owner and the latter's guests, each can do anything he or she pleases as long as it doesn't physically use property owned by someone else without the latter's consent or doesn't create lasting physical damage to the sense organs of anyone else objecting to such harm.

  • Let us auction off most government property to individual owners.

  • Let us restore a society based on private property so that each owner is free to build, paint, tag or pollute his own property in any way he might conceive, as long as it doesn't physically move particles (other than in the form of light & sound) onto neighbouring property without the consent of the latter's owner, or doesn't pollute the neighboring properties beyond what the latter's owner can sense from a distance without lasting harm to his or her sense organs.

  • Let us deprive government officials and neighbours of the power to meddle in how anyone uses his or her own property, and let us at the same time stop pollution that smells and other illegal trespassing.

  • Let us create a civil defence that offer livable, affordable survival of the dangers we are up against.

  • Let us base our civil defence, not on evacuation, but on safety on site.

  • Let us build our infrastructure, compact villages, research parks, life-extension centers, hospitals and clinics as terrain integrated extensions of new or existing road tunnels, so that we in case of emergencies, easily can close off such tunnels, and use these as large pollution free biospheres for our continued growth & survival.

  • Let us build small side tunnels that are so equipped that they contain all it takes to fast turn road tunnels into large, clean, quarantineable villages.

  • Let us create terrain integrated hospitals & clinics that in an emergency can provide a nearby road tunnel with air and water intake; hepa filters; backup generators based on local oil tanks, hydroelectric, wind & sun power; restrooms; kitchen; grain & seed storage; quarantine rooms, bunk beds; indoor green houses; tool rooms/repair shops and whatever else it takes to survive in style.

  • And let us add hydraulic blast doors, and entry locks at both ends of such road tunnels so that these fast can be turned into state of the art blast shelters that each can survive 15 atmospheres overpressure or 800 yards from ground zero of a one megaton blast.
    Let us build our life-extension centers terrain integrated: partially nuclear war proof, earth quake proof, storm proof, fire proof and less polluting in the landscape.

(Norway has more than 1000 kilometers of longer road tunnels (of tunnels each longer than 1 kilometer). The country could easily shelter its whole population of 4.5 million people in road tunnels if it decided to implement such a civil defence system. While most other countries at least have the potential to develop some road tunnel based civil defense shelters.)

Such use of life-extending medical clinics as the civil defence post for road tunnels, would easily shelter large population groups against nuclear, bacteriological and chemical warfare and pollution, as well as against most natural catastrophies including loss of electricity and cold of winter.

For actual designs for terrain integrated life-extension centers & medical clinics that can be attached to road tunnels, visit my web page:

http://www.powertech.no/~trygveb/Myoldweb/Index1995.html or http://home.powertech.no/trygveb/Myoldweb/Index1995.html

For more on terrain integrated technology visit Form Works: http://www.formworksbuilding.com/who.html

  • Let us build life-extending hospitals and clinics, that each offer one or more of the most life-extending treatments: outreach & rescue, shock trauma, preventive medicine, health building, sports medicine, recuperation, healing, rejuvenation, disease treatments, the Gerson therapy, transplants, human cloning, uploading, suspended animation, cryonics, longrun storage, reanimation, intensive care, resuscitation & revival etc...

  • As soon as one of Aker Maritime's pollution free gas based power plants are built, a large source of inexpensive industrial coolants (liquid nitrogen and liquid carbondioxide) would become available. See: http://www.akermaritime.no/emission_free_gas/start.html

  • Such a power plant would make it attractive to attach a cryolab & cryogenic storage facility to a nearby road tunnel as a private civil defence module.

  • And let us be sure our constitutional charter makes it a punishable felony to attempt to outlaw the most life-extending treatments like cryonics & human cloning.

  • And until we through elections can establish such land based free ports, let us create instant liberty by creating floating villages: cruise ships, where all functions are privatized and each suite is sold off as an individual lot, and where we can enforce taxexempt entrepreneurial liberty under maritime law.

I proposed the latter project in 1994. Several Norwegian cruise leaders & brokers took the challenge. Their project is already fully financed and is now under construction. Completion date for their first floating village is within 2 years. http://www.residensea.com/

(I am not associated with the Residensea project, I just called and wrote some 40 Norwegian shipping contacts to promote a similar concept back in 1994/95. I spoke to several including some of those that later launced the Residensea project. And I intend to promote a similar project again as a leverage to easier establish a land based freeport. In the meantime I think it is great that The Residensea people have entered the scene, it makes it much easier for others to create such projects as well. As soon as I can afford to, I would love to have a taxexempt headquarter on board such a ship.)

In conclusion

Happiness is when there is no contradiction between one's desires, wills & actions.

The more one can take into account of one's present, past & future, without experiencing any contradiction between one's desires, wills & actions,- the happier one is.

Active life-extension is the essence of life & what life is all about.

If one frustrates one's inbound will to go on living, one is not as happy as one would be if one did not frustrate this will.

Reason is a set of techniques & routines for consistently calculating validly what is, what was & how still higher goals, still better can be reached.

The highest form of happiness, or joy, is with the uttermost awareness of one's past, present and future, to be doing what to the best of one's knowledge, is personally more life-extending than anything else one validly know to be highly life-extending.

I hold these truths to be verifiable,

that all human beings are endowed with certain unalienable rights,

of which the highest is, to pursue for oneself,

in this order of priority:

happiness furthermost into the future, of the highest kind,

and the most consistently inbetween,

by means of one's own life, in entrepreneurial liberty,

through the pursuit of separate property,

and among equally free men & women.

To this end, I pledge my life, and sacred honor:

to plan and create,

still larger free travel & trade zones,

where I and others like me, but also my opponents,

in liberty from one another,

each can reside, and use,

what one can earn and create,

to rejuvenate and survive.

Oslo, February the 28th 2000,

Trygve Bauge, trygveb@powertech.no

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