The Chinese first manned space mission

The success of Colonel Yang Liwei's flight on board of the Shenzhou 5 spacecraft gave birth to a deep discussion among the ones who sincerely hope and work for a humanity' expansion into space. 

We receive messages from, and we participate to, several discussion lists (e.g. Space Future, UK Space Council SDCV, Space Age Associates, ...). We are doing our best to collect, on the TdF forum, the discussion in progress on the different lists, and the most interesting messages from the most astronautics-oriented commentators.  

As we use yo do with the most interesting astronautic related topics, we will add on this page the links to articles and messages, in order to build a growing up general report on the news and discussions.

Our aim is to address and group togheter the right questions, in order to help astronautic vectors to be built on and to work, both at West and at East!

India Approves Moon Mission Larry Kellogg 18-10-03
Editorial in The Times Stephen Ashworth 18-10-03
China in Space: We may expect rapid moves to rendezvous and docking - the first mini-spacestation, consisting of two ShenZhou orbital modules in harness, could appear in 2-3 years while Salyut style stations will soon follow the arrival of the 25 ton capable LongMarch 5 in 2006-7. Robot Lunar lander missions are expected around 2010,and Mir style modular stations before 2020. The Moon and later Mars are more than a mere gleam in the eye. Michael Martin-Smith 17-10-03
Shenzhou 5: First Report from Orbit Samuel Coniglio 16-10-03
Shenzhou 5  - Quick facts  Encyclopedia Astronautica 16-10-03
The Yang Liwei's flight on Shenzhou 5: Now, some key questions are: 1) Will the Pacific Countries be able to go over, and try to take the leadership of the advanced technologies, and of the development of a veritable space economy? 2) Will the Western Countries be able to wake from the "sustainability" nightmare and start working again? If the answer to both questions is YES, we will see a new space race, and maybe the open of the space frontier in few years. If both are NO, we will see the end of the human civilization. If only one is YES the result is uncertain, but anyway better then all zeroes.  Adriano Autino 15-10-03

RE: The Yang Liwei's flight on Shenzhou 5: China + India contributed 50% to the total world economy - so the Western predominance is a new and unusual event.

Michael Martin-Smith 15-10-03

Re: first space station

Patrick Q. Collins 16-10-03

RE: Re: first space station

Adriano Autino 16-10-03

RE: Re: first space station

Patrick Q. Collins 17-10-03

RE: The Yang Liwei's flight on Shenzhou 5: China is pressed nowadays more by its uneven pace of economic development than by military primacy aims. Technologically and indeed economically China is a force to be reckoned with, and one the west often underestimates. () I fully expect them to overtake the west... shortly. Maybe within our lifetimes. (And no, protectionism is not the answer.)

Heather Bradshaw 18-10-03
What do you think of the China mission?: Is their engagement a serious one? Is it due to military nationalistic aims? Tom Harris 15-10-03
China Puts Man In Orbit Joining Elite Space Club Larry Kellogg 15-10-03
Space Age debate: Chinese in space? Stephen Ashworth 24-09-03
Chinese Permanent MoonBase in 2006 - 2007? Robert S. Walker 05-06-03

RE: Chinese Permanent MoonBase in 2006 - 2007?

Andy Nimmo 05-06-03

Chinese Moonbase? Just a wishful thinking...

Stephen Ashworth 07-06-03
Chinese Space Programme Encyclopedia Astronautica 30-03-03
To think about our future is of unprecedented  relevance, while the space race seems to restart! See the Future Forum, where you can record your vision of the world in 2033.

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