Why Science Fiction is one-way dystopian?

Spider Robinson wrote a very interesting article, containing basic questions about the general disaffection toward Science Fiction.

Mark Reiff posted the article on the Space Future' list , and a very interesting discussion rised then, about utopian and dystopian science fiction, and other topics, addressing many basic political and social problems.

In my opinion, the main problem is not to seek inside science-fiction the reasons of this situation. Utopian and dystopian sf can be both useful, showing future scenarios.

A real problem is that dystopian sf always shows only a single scenario: how our technology will bring us into the ruin. Some writers  influenced by the dominant eco-nihilist philosophy are driving the dance, and the good writers are in a deep crisis, lacking of new humanist philophic supports.

I'd like to finally see a dystopian sf  showing how our civilization will step into ruin after the gigantic technologic and economic flop, that will follow our renounce to space.

Failing to expand into Solar System, our science and technology will end very quickly, under the strikes of  "Mother Earth", fed up with us, grown up children, which refuse to go living elsewhere. So, nanotechnologies and other marvels are all possible only if we will open the system. Otherwise all the positive developments will abort.

A. Autino

THE ARTICLE Forward, into the past - Why are our imaginations retreating from science and space, and into fantasy? Spider Robinson
THE  REPLIES We already leave in a dystopian "future". And I hate optimistic SF. Tim Maughan
Much science fiction (at least in movies) is dystopian. Xenophile
Not all politicians are myopic idiots. It's my opinion that the new renaissance in space travel is already beginning. Curtis Burisch
Ignorant flat-Earthers politicians could easily create a dystopia, preventing the start of passenger space travel. . . . But SpaceShipOne is making the first private spaceflight on the historic centenary of December 17th, and thereby getting the show on the road at last. Patrick Collins
I don't need dystopian SF to show me that we are not using our technological capability very intelligently. I like my SF optimistic because I'm interested in figuring out how we can use technology positively. Heather Bradshaw
I'd like to offer these links and invite folks to see these films, which showed future ideals. Watching these films helps understand some of the culture or the times of the space age. Fred Becker
There is no compelling demand for the human presence in space. We cannot expect "the public" to support the exploration of space, we must do it ourselves in small groups or individuals, and that will take a great deal of courage. G. B. Leatherwood
The next "big thing" is in wetware: biotech, DNA genesplicing, and nanotech, which requires us all to get new degrees to catch up. As for space travel? I hate to say it, but we may be the last bastions of that goal. Samuel Coniglio
Why not to hope (and work for) a new miracle??!? Adriano Autino

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